BlockBar Offers Exclusive NFT Sale of The Rarest Bottle of Midleton Ever Produced

This year, the iconic global whiskey brand Irish Distillers makes its debut on BlockBar, the luxury spirits NFT marketplace. Their first release is Midleton Very Rare The Pinacle Vintage – the rarest bottle in the Middleton Very Rare collection. This exclusive drop will happen on February 28th at 10 am EST and one lucky buyer will benefit from a unique sensory experience!

image of two glasses of whiskey with ice

NFT collectors and whiskey enthusiasts can now collect the rarest Midleton Very Rare bottle via BlockBar, the leading luxury fine wine and spirits NFT marketplace.

What is Midleton’s First BlockBar NFT Release?

The leading Web3 fine wine and spirits platform BlockBar will host its first Irish whiskey drop this month. Titled “Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage,” this phygital launch is in fact an NFT linked to a rare physical whiskey bottle.

Accordingly, the new aroma combines the fourty annual Midleton Very Rare expressions topped with a portion distilled back in 1984. In terms of flavor, you can taste a fascinating blend between tropical fruits, dark chocolate, green tea and honey-drizzled figs.

Of course, its bottle is just as impressive as the whiskey itself: a cut glass decanter carefully stored in BlockBar’s physical facility based in Singapore.

This one-of-a-kind collectible will be available for purchase starting February 28th for a fixed price of $130,000 via the BlockBar NFT platform. Part of the sales will go to The Forest Genetic Resources Trust to support rare tree species in the Irish forsestry.

“It is with great honour that we introduce Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage. Crafted from a marriage of rare and storied expressions produced over the past forty years, and a treasured cask sample of single pot still whiskey distilled under Barry Crockett, Midleton Very Rare The Pinnacle Vintage is an Irish whiskey that can never again be replicated,” said Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman.

image of a bottle of whiskey from the Midleton Rarest Bottle via BlockBar NFT marketplace

The rare aroma combines fourty unique expressions from previous editions released by Midleton Very Rare.

What is BlockBar?

Since October 2021, BlockBar is the first NFT marketplace focusing on luxury spirits and wine brands. In essence, this platform created a bridge between physical items and digital assets. Each real-life bottle is in the company’s Singapore facility, which uses temperature control and the highest security features.

NFT holders can showcase their assets in a virtual bar or offer them via BlockBar’s gifting feature. In summary, this is undoubtedly one of the most successful examples of phygital NFTs and their utility in this day and age.

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