BlockDAG Blasts to $50.9M in Presale, Fueled by Crypto Influencer Buzz, Exceeds NEAR & XMR Hype

BlockDAG Dominates Presale, Surpassing NEAR & XMR as Top Crypto

BlockDAG has rapidly ascended in the crypto market, reaching a staggering $50.9 million in presale largely due to influencer endorsements, particularly those surrounding Keynote 2. Despite NEAR Protocol experiencing a sharp decline, falling below $7, and Monero (XMR) witnessing a notable price increase, BlockDAG’s significant endorsements have fueled a remarkable 1120% price surge, selling over 11.5 billion coins and establishing itself as a lucrative investment for the upcoming bull market.

NEAR Protocol Struggles Amidst Market Fluctuations 

The Near Protocol (NEAR) experienced a substantial downturn, plummeting below $7 as a reaction to unexpectedly strong U.S. jobs data, and is currently priced at $6.72, marking a 9.36% drop within the day. The price has stabilized at the 100-day EMA, with market experts hinting that it might further decline to the $6 mark. Current technical indicators and a surge in trading volumes point to continued bearish trends and possible future market fluctuations.

NEAR Protocol Struggles Amidst Market Fluctuations 

Monero Demonstrates Steady Growth 

Over the past week, Monero has climbed 17%, with an increase of 3.86% just yesterday, contributing to a 28.73% rise over the month. Despite a modest year-to-date gain, the market mood around Monero remains positive. After a substantial correction earlier in the year, XMR has broken out of its stagnant phase and is on an upward trajectory, with analysts eyeing resistance at $185 and supports at $158 and $142.50.

Monero Demonstrates Steady Growth 

Influencer Endorsements Catalyze BlockDAG’s Explosive Growth

BlockDAG’s presale achievements have been significantly amplified by prominent endorsements, particularly noted in Nass Crypto’s latest video on Keynote 2 and the new X1 Miner mobile app. Nass highlighted BlockDAG’s critical acclaim in major publications and its potential to revolutionize digital markets, emphasizing upcoming developments like the mainnet launch which have sparked widespread interest. 

These factors contributed to BlockDAG’s impressive presale figures, contrasting sharply with the challenges faced by NEAR and the moderate growth of Monero.

Influencer Endorsements Catalyze BlockDAG's Explosive Growth

Nass also introduced the X10 Miner in his presentation, showcasing its 100 MH/s hash rate and the ability to mine up to 200 BDAG coins daily, making it particularly appealing for both newcomers and seasoned miners. This mining solution highlights BlockDAG’s commitment to accessible and lucrative mining options for all investors.

Moreover, Nass expressed a bold vision for BlockDAG, predicting it could surpass Bitcoin in value and influence, with a potential future price of over $100 per coin. With another price hike anticipated soon, now is deemed an optimal time for investors to secure their stake in BDAG coins for substantial future returns.

Concluding Insights 

The volatility seen with NEAR Protocol and Monero’s slow recovery underscores the diverse dynamics within the cryptocurrency market. However, BlockDAG’s unprecedented presale success, driven by powerful endorsements and a focus on user engagement, positions it as an attractive investment. As BlockDAG prepares for another price increase, investors are poised to capitalize on one of the most bullish cryptos in the market. Currently positioned at batch 18 with an entry price of $0.0122 per BDAG, this is the prime moment to invest in this cryptocurrency.

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