BlockDAG’s Dashboard & Roadmap Trigger 850% Price Surge & 30,000x ROI Predictions, Ahead of BNB Coin Breakout & Toncoin Price Rise

BlockDAG’s Dashboard vs BNB Coin Breakout & Toncoin Price

Optimism blankets the market with a potential BNB coin breakout that may propel the Binance coin to new all-time highs. Adding to the good news, the Toncoin price forecast reveals an upcoming bullish run. 

Meanwhile, BlockDAG, one of the most talked about emerging crypto, brings a record-breaking 850% price surge for its community with experts predicting 30,000x ROI. BlockDAG’s historical presale success can be attributed to its innovative dashboard and recent roadmap enhancements. Whereas the dashboard enhances transparency and gamifies crypto-investing, the roadmap brings possibilities of an early mainnet launch.

BNB Coin Breakout: New All-Time Highs Ahead?

The market is abuzz with a potential BNB coin breakout that could propel the coin toward a new all-time high. Last week, the crypto saw a modest 4% rise. This got the BNB community speculating about the coin outdoing its previous peak in 2021. Although BNB’s price remains more or less stable, its momentum has slowed down slightly. This leaves the crypto vulnerable to a potential trend reversal. The coin is further exposed to looming bearish trends due to declining social media metrics. On the bright side, though, a bullish pennant pattern may help BNB gain an upward momentum. 

BNB Coin Breakout: New All-Time Highs Ahead?

Toncoin Price Speculated to Break Out At $7

Toncoin’s price has surged, with its total value locked (TVL) exceeding $300 million, up from $156 million to $315 million in just one month, according to DeFiLlama data. This victory comes from a recent investment from Pantera Capital and Telegram-related news. TON currently trades at $6.40. If the token breaks out to $7, it may experience new highs. On the other hand, a downturn may push its price down to $5.64 or worse, $4.86. Furthermore, broader trends in major cryptos like ETH and BTC have created a cautious landscape for TON investors. 

Toncoin Price Speculated to Break Out At $7

BlockDAG Dashboard: Huge Whale Buys While Price Surges 850% 

BlockDAG, a crypto marvel that blends the powers of Block plus DAG and Proof of Work (POW) technology, has seen a meteoric rise in the market. A recent 850% price surge and potential of 30,000x ROI have made it a favourite of institutional crypto investors. The platform’s success can be attributed to a robust dashboard and an ambitious roadmap. 

The main features of BlockDAG’s dashboard are its Leaderboard Page and Ranking Section. Upon entering the leaderboard, users view the top 30 investors in the BDAG movement. Each investor is given a specific rank based on the number of coins they purchase, with Crab being the lowest rank, and Whale being the highest.

Given BlockDAG’s impressive price trajectory, users inevitably climb higher in ranks as the presale progresses. For instance, an investor who had poured in $7,000 during batch 1 rose to Whale rank by the time BlockDAG reached Batch 16. This interactive ranking system brings 100% transparency into the workings of the BlockDAG network, enhancing investor confidence and driving massive Whale moves on the dashboard.

BlockDAG Dashboard: Huge Whale Buys While Price Surges 850% 

BlockDAG’s Roadmap upgrades further amplify its presale success with three strategic phases: blockchain development, the BlockDAG explorer, and the X1 miner application. The journey starts with the creation of a robust P2P Engine for efficient node communication, progresses to the advanced block & DAG framework for advanced data structuring, moves further ahead with POW consensus mechanism testing for security, and finally culminates with the Mainnet Launch. 

The roadmap also includes the launch of BlockDAG’s power-packed mining mechanisms that beat complex existing technologies such as Bitcoin miners. The current rate of BlockDAG’s progress in the market has unlocked predictions of an early Mainnet launch and 30,000x ROI. 

Closing Thoughts

Whereas the Toncoin price forecast reveals an upcoming surge for TON, a potential BNB coin breakout may propel the coin to new all-time highs. While these optimistic outlooks brighten the crypto-scape to a degree, they don’t particularly satiate investors’ hunger for the next big crypto opportunity. 

This is where BlockDAG swoops in with its futuristic dashboard and aggressive roadmap. So far, these innovations have brought an 850% price surge in BlockDAG’s value in weeks, with predictions pointing to a 30,000x ROI. BlockDAG’s dashboard is currently bursting with huge Whale moves, with one BDAG coin priced at $0.0095.

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