NFT Marketplace Announces a Free Airdrop…With a Catch

The latest and (self-claimed) fastest NFT Marketplace Blur has announced its official launch. In the official Twitter thread, the marketplace mentioned it would airdrop $BLUR Care Packages to people who stayed on the NFT grind in the bear market. Users who list NFTs on the Blur Marketplace will also be eligible for the airdrop. So, what exactly is all the hype around Blur? Let’s find out!

A screenshot of the Blur official website

Source: Blur Official Website.

How To Get The Blur Airdrop?

Blur has announced two airdrop packages containing their token, $BLUR. The airdrop happens via digital “crates” containing an undisclosed amount of $BLUR for holders. Their official blog also states that their second airdrop in November will be a much bigger Care Package than the current one. Although, both the airdrops can be opened only after their official token and protocol governance in January.

To gain access to the initial Blur Airdrop, there are a few steps required as follows;

  • The first step is connecting your wallet to the website.
  • Upon connecting, users will sign a gasless transaction.
  • Next, click the “Airdrop” button on the navigation tab. This screen will let you know the number of crates you are eligible for the airdrop. Each crate contains an undisclosed amount of $BLUR tokens.
  • To claim the crates, you will need to list an NFT on Blur.
    • Pro NFT trader @0xQuit explains that the smart contract tied to the approval request on this step has not been verified and has only four transactions done. This would appear a bit unusual for a website claiming to have the second-largest NFT user volume in the four months of its Private Beta testing phase.
    • @0xQuit goes on to explain to new users that it would be a smart move to list a low-tier NFT and double-check any and all approvals required for this stage.
Tweets from pro NFT trader 0XQuit

Twitter user @0Xquit tweeted minor precautions for users wanting to claim their $BLUR airdrops.

  • After this step, users can view their Care Packages containing built-in rarities. You can also gain an extra Care Package by sharing their official announcement tweet and mentioning that you have claimed your airdrops!

What Exactly Is Blur?

Blur describes itself as a real-time NFT “marketplace and aggregator combined.” The VC-backed digital marketplace stated that it would allow users to sweep and snipe NFTs faster than anywhere else. Blur focuses its user base on NFT pro traders with built-in portfolio analytics. The new marketplace also claims it is 10x faster than OpenSea-acquired aggregator Gem. This allows faster batch NFT minting capabilities for Blur users.

The idea for the brand-to-be came due to a lack of fast NFT marketplace aggregators. Built by an experienced team from top-notch organizations like MIT, Citadel, Twitch, and more, the marketplace has also raised $14 million from investors and traders. After being in private beta for around a year, they went public with their official Twitter announcement yesterday.

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