$BODEN dropped over 40% despite crypto overlooked in the Biden – Trump Debate

$BODEN decreased over 40% despite of Crypto Overlooked in the Biden-Trump Debate

The topic of crypto was notably absent from the recent Biden-Trump debate. During their 90-minute exchange, United States President Joe Biden and presidential candidate Donald Trump tackled pressing issues like the economy, abortion rights, immigration, and foreign policy. Their advanced ages—Biden at 81 and Trump at 78—were also briefly discussed in the context of their mental capabilities.

The topic of crypto was notably absent from the recent Biden-Trump debate

The topic of crypto was notably absent from the recent Biden-Trump debate. Source: CNN

Crypto-backed superPACs, including Fairshake PAC, have amassed $202.8 million, directing $93.6 million towards influencing the 2024 elections. This financial clout positions them as significant players despite their lack of direct campaign coordination capabilities.

Focus on Key Issues

Fairshake PAC alone raised $177.8 million and spent $70.8 million on attack ads for congressional candidates. Additionally, Protect Progress and Defend American Jobs, collectively raising $25 million, contributed $22.8 million towards this year’s elections.

Donald Trump, critical of Biden’s approach to crypto, expressed intentions to cease what he terms Biden’s “war on crypto” if elected. He recently convened with Bitcoin miners, advocating for domestic cryptocurrency production.

Industry figures like Kraken CEO Dave Ripley suggest Biden may be adopting a more favorable stance towards crypto. Conversely, outspoken crypto advocate Mark Cuban warns that regulatory actions could negatively impact Biden’s electoral prospects.

Gallup polls highlight that crypto remains a marginal concern for American voters. Economic issues, inflation, governance failures, and immigration policies dominate public discourse leading up to the elections.

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., openly supportive of crypto, was excluded from the CNN debate due to eligibility criteria. He criticized the network’s selection process and held a parallel debate emphasizing blockchain and AI for governmental efficiency.

As of a June 27 FiveThirtyEight poll conducted prior to the debate, Trump leads Biden marginally with 41.1% versus 40.9%. Kennedy polled at 9%, underscoring the potential volatility in voter preferences as the election approaches.


Trump leads Biden marginally with 41.1% versus 40.9%

Trump leads Biden marginally, with 41.1% versus 40.9%. Source: FiveThirtyEight

The second debate between Biden and Trump is scheduled for September 10, with nationwide elections for president, vice president, all 435 House seats, and 34 Senate seats set for November 5.

$BODEN Significant Value Decline

$BODEN  – the Solana meme coin dropped more than 40% over 24 hours, although it was not mentioned in the Biden-Trump debate. Boden has dropped below 0.09 USDT to 0.081 USDT. This sharp decline reflects current market volatility. The ongoing US election debate may have contributed to Boden’s recent devaluation.

$BODEN meme coin dropped more than 40% over 24 hours

$BODEN meme coin dropped more than 40% over 24 hours. Source: Coingecko

In short, while the cryptocurrency industry has mobilized significant financial resources to influence the upcoming election, the Biden-Trump debate has highlighted its absence from mainstream discourse. official government. The movements of the election always draw the attention of cryptocurrency investors, and the results of the election also have a significant effect on this market, especially for cryptocurrency projects that draw inspiration from Trump and Biden.

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