BONK And Solana Have Gained Significantly This Year: Is Time For DTX Now?

BONK And Solana Have Gained Significantly This Year: Is Time For DTX Now?

Bonk (BONK) and Solana (SOL) are experiencing substantial growth in 2024. As these digital assets continue demonstrating their potential for significant returns, many investors in the crypto community are gazing toward the next potential contender: DTX Exchange (DTX). Is this newcomer going to be a top crypto to buy? We seek to find out.

Revolut’s BONK Listing Sparks 76.47% Surge

In mid-February 2024,  European banking fintech Revolut listed Solana-based memecoin BONK. The partnership included a pioneering initiative called the “Learn and Earn” campaign, which aimed to educate users about cryptocurrency while boosting BONK’s global user base.

Owing to this news, BONK witnessed a 76.47% upturn, shifting from $0.0000139 to $0.00002453 by the last week of April. Experts believe this bullish momentum will seep into Q4 2024, with BONK valued at $0.00007097, exhibiting an 189.32% surge from $0.00002453. This upward trajectory positions BONK as one of the altcoins to watch this year.

Federa’s Admission Boosts SOL: Price Rises 12.04% Amid Network Issues

Austin Federa, head of strategy at the Solana Foundation, acknowledged that while the project aims to create the fastest, open, permissionless, decentralized network globally, it’s still a distant goal. According to the Solana news in the third week of April 2024, Federa admitted that Solana’s current user experience falls short of expectations due to network congestion, stemming from its success in attracting a higher-than-anticipated activity level.

Consequently, Solana (SOL) climbed from $131.87 to $147.75 by the end of April, sparking a 12.04% rise. Analysts predict that SOL will trade at $284.72 by Q3 2024, igniting a 92.70% ascent from $147.75. Just like BONK, SOL makes a good addition to any investment portfolio.

Invest Early, Reap Big: DTX Token Price Expected to Skyrocket 275%

Presales are becoming popular in the world of cryptocurrency. Both experienced and new investors join them because they offer a chance to invest small amounts of money and earn significant returns. DTX is one of these projects.

DTX Exchange (DTX) is following the trend of presales, where investors can buy tokens at a low price before they’re available to the public. Right now, in Stage 1, DTX tokens are priced at $0.02 each, which is attractive to investors who want to get in early on a promising project. Since the sale started, the platform has raised over $100,000 by selling more than a quarter of its total token supply.

The success of DTX shows that it’s a strong competitor among other new and existing projects in the market; hence, it is a good crypto to buy.

With DTX’s promising growth outlook, anticipated projections suggest that the token’s value could surge by 275% during the subsequent seed round, elevating its unit price to $0.075.

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