Bored Ape Investor Loses 100ETH In A Joke Gone Wrong

The past 24 hours have been a rollercoaster for Franklin, the 7th largest Bored Ape investor, who lost 100 ETH on an ENS domainby mistake. Ironically, the domain name is “stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth” – and it might become the meme of the season.

image of a BAYC NFT owned by Bored Ape investor Franklin alongside two Ethereum coins

Bored Ape investor Franklin lost a whopping 100 ETH by mistake this week. Credit: OpenSea/FreePik

How did the Bored Ape investor lose 100 ETH?

The Twitter NFT community can’t stop buzzing about Franklin, one of the most prolific Bored Ape investors – and for good reason.

Earlier this week, Franklin minted an ENS domain as a joke against the fake bidding trend. The domain name is “stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth”.

When the domain showed up on OpenSea, Franklin placed a 100 ETH bid using another digital wallet. Of course, that bid was also part of his joke.

Moving forward, another collector placed a 1.891 WETH on the domain name. Franklin instantly accepted the offer. “Well this is the most surprising 1.891 ETH I have ever made,” he proudly wrote on Twitter.

However, Franklin’s fake 100 ETH bid was still active. Obviously, the new domain owner accepted it right away. To clarify, somebody bought the ENS domain from Franklin for 1.891 ETH and sold it back to him on his other wallet for 100 ETH… all because of a joke.

Twitter screenshot of a message from Bored Ape investor Franklin on his ETH loss

Credit: Twitter

How did Franklin react to his own mistake?

It took less than one hour until Franklin realized what he had done. The Bored Ape investor shared the story with his Twitter community.

“I didn’t get botted,” Franklin went on to explain. “I had plenty of time to cancel my offer, I just ran to Twitter, instead. Also, I sent the 1.9 WETH back to the person who bought/flipped it back to me.”

The collector who made nearly 100 ETH in profit from Franklin’s mistake has the Twitter username @8892os. Accordingly, the trader has already been buying multiple NFTs using the profit.

For example, they spent 1.59 ETH on The Sandbox’s “The Theft of Mount Gox” NFT. In addition, the collector also bought a “Still P.E.P.E” NFT for 1.45 ETH. Judging by this shopping spree, Franklin might not recover 100 ETH back anytime soon.

image of an NFT from the Rare PEPE collection

The current ENS domain owner is using their 100 ETH profit to buy valuable NFTs. Credit: Twitter

How did the NFT community react?

In summary, the Twitter NFT community exploded after Franklin shared his story.

“You’re either a Twitter performance genius or this is peak NFT Twitter,” crypto podcast host Cobie wrote. Meanwhile, other users started creating memes based on Franklin’s unfortunate experience.

In fact, the Bored Ape investor himself knew what was coming. “Yeah, this was a childish blunder, and I already knew the jokes were firing away before I even hit send,” he wrote in a tweet.

However, Franklin also received many encouraging messages from his followers. To conclude, we can use this real story as a reminder to double-check our actions. After all, we’ve seen many NFT collectors lose their precious digital assets; here’s how Seth Green lost his blue-chip NFTs!

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