Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Holders Get A NFT Dating App

Image of the NFT dating app and its design

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is getting an NFT dating app. In perhaps the most niche dating market of all time, the app will focus on finding love for NFT holders. The ‘Lonely Ape Dating Club’ is building the first NFT focused dating app. They will start with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT holders and plan to expand in the future.

Created by Year 4000 Labs, the Lonely Ape Dating Club (LADC) aims to find ways to integrate crypto and web3 with the dating scene.

Image of the NFT dating app and its design

The Lonely Ape Dating Club will allow users to find others in the NFT community to date.

How does the Lonely Ape Dating Club NFT app work?

Essentially, Lonely Ape Dating Club works like any other dating app. Like Tinder, Hinge and others, it is an online dating service that allows users to find love, friendship, and more. Although dating apps were once a strange way to meet someone, they are now generally used worldwide. In fact, 39% of couples now meet online through apps. Furthermore, by 2040, that may grow to over 70%.

The popularity of these apps is due to the way they simplify dating. They speed up the process of finding potential dating partners, chatting, flirting, and more. The NFT dating app will apply the same approach to the NFT space.

The Lonely Ape Dating Club will help those in the NFT community find love using the metrics that the space finds valuable.

Significantly, users can connect their crypto wallets and filter potential matches by net worth and the NFTs they hold. The NFT dating app users can also show metrics to their potential dates. The data includes how long they have held certain NFTs, personal net worth and NFTs in total.

Also, you earn tokens by matching with partners, and you can also tip potential partners to get their attention. The ‘Coin Digger’ feature will allow non-BAYC holders to connect with higher net worth individuals for what LADC calls ‘mutual benefit’.

Image of the BAYC logo

Currently, the NFT dating app is for BAYC holders, but they plan to expand in the future.

Twitter ridicules the dating project

Although it sounds like an interesting concept, many Twitter users have been quick to ridicule the project. @smoovie420 wrote, “they did it. The worst thing they could do, they figured out how to do it”.

There are currently 6,400 owners of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. This means that there is quite a small pool of potential relationships when you factor in how many people are already in relationships, sexual preferences, etc. However, this could prove to be a great starting ground for the NFT dating app to grow and enhance its platform.

Anonymity and security are huge factors in the NFT space. Because of this, it might discourage some people from using the app. Likewise, the cryptocurrency and NFT space overwhelming caters to and is populated by a male audience.

It will be interesting to see how the app makers ensure women are comfortable and secure enough to use the app. Apps like Bumble allow women to make the first move. This method removes unwanted and sometimes inappropriate messages they receive through the apps.

Judging someone entirely by their net worth will result in some terrible choices. The ‘Coin Diggger’ feature could also allow individuals to lose their money, under coercion, and much worse. Hopefully, the Lonely App Dating Club team will consider these NFT security issues.

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