Bored Ape Yacht Club Themed Cafe To Open Up In Switzerland

A picture of the Bored Cafe in Switzerland

A Bored Ape Yacht Club Cafe in Switzerland? We’d love to Ape In! BAYC member CryptoJanswiss is building the themed cafe in Switzerland and has sent a call to action to other Bored Apes, asking for their input. Additionally, The Apes that send them their BAYC images will see them adorned in the cafe! Read on to learn more about The Bored Cafe.

A picture of the Bored Cafe in Switzerland

What Is The Bored Cafe?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed café is located right at the main railway station of Berne, the capital city of Switzerland. BAYC Member/Café Owner CryptoJanswiss announced the opening of the café on Twitter earlier this week. They have stated that the goal of The Bored Cafe is to spread positivity through coffee and shared experiences. With all the stigma surrounding NFTs, this step is a shining light spreading knowledge about the space.

On the front wall of the cafe is a flyer that reads,

“Let’s Talk About Crypto & NFTs. Great Ideas Start With Coffee. The Bored Cafe is the start of our journey.”

Additionally, the front of the cafe showcases CryptoJanswiss’ own Bored Ape #9426. This eclectic Ape is a six-trait pink fur primate with pink hair, with heart-shaped shades and a black sleeveless tee. The official Bored Cafe account tweeted out to other Bored Ape members in the announcement tweet. The Switzerland cafe invited BAYC & MAYC members to send in their images. These images are then displayed on an LED screen in the cafeteria.

The cafe opens to the public on 12th November 2022!

Official Announcement Tweet for the Bored Cafe

Why This Matters

In a rapidly moving industry where the most prominent conversations about the space happen mostly in cyberspace, physical infrastructures like the Bored Cafe are a soothing catalyst. However, this would not be the first food-spot BAYC tribute. In fact, there are two branches of another BAYC food outlet – burger restaurant ‘Bored and Hungry’.

A coffee shop that pays tribute to one of the top NFT projects and also encourages conversations around the space is what makes this an exciting project. Finally, if you are a Bored Ape owner and would love to see your ape displayed in the cafe, click here to tweet to them!

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