Bored Yachts Club: Real Life Yachting Utility Meets Web3

bored ape yachts club jad comair

John Blackeye, Bored Ape Yacht Club member #634, is launching an NFT collection with real-life yachting utility. In addition to being an NFT collection, the project aims to evolve into a global, decentralized yacht club. Yes, John Blackeye is throwing IRL Yacht events. And you can be part of it. 

bored ape yachts club jad comair

The yachting project is bringing the industry into the present.

Bored Yachts Club: What we know so far

John Blackeye, BAYC member #634 and owner of Motor Yacht Lady Amanda, are launching an NFT collection that will give users access to yachting experiences and events. The Bored Yachts Club NFT collection will be a revolutionary take on luxury yachting accessibility and inclusivity. Inspired by the BAYC ecosystem, Bored Yachts Club promises to combine the Web3 community spirit with real-life yachting experiences.

The NFT collection will consist of 8,200 passes with three levels: “Flipper”, “Deckhand” and “Sailor”. These passes will be eligible for token drops and the YachtCoin, redeemable for yachting cruises and events. The YachtCoin will also serve as a Utility and Charity DAO token; which the YachtCoin foundation is responsible for.

Yachtverse and YachtCoin

Additionally, the Bored Yachts Club NFT holders will be granted access to the Yachtverse. This phygital universe will enable users to join a Web3 community and cruise the Mediterranean. Furthermore, they will be able to participate in events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and Voiles de St Tropez. 

Plans are also in place for a fully-fledged YachtCoin foundation. In short, this foundation will be managing the YachtCoin as well as promoting charity events to incentivize other yacht owners to join the community. Via the foundation’s work, Bored Yachts Club aims to build a global, decentralized yachting club that combines entertainment, technology and sustainability.

Who is behind this yachting Web3 venture?

The Bored Yachts Club is led by Jad Comair, also known as Captain John Blackeye. Comair is the founder and CEO of Melanion Capital, an asset management company specializing in digital assets and issuer of the first Bitcoin thematic ETF in Europe.

It is safe to say that Comair is an expert in all things crypto and a big fan of yachting. This latest endeavor is his first step in the NFT space to launch a project that will revolutionize the yachting space. 

To learn more about Comair, check out his Linkedin profile. Then, make sure to follow the the Bored Yachts Club on twitter too. Of course, you should also check out the Bored Yachts Club official website too. It’s suffice to say, you’ll want to get involved when the yacht parties get going.