Breaking: Elrond Becomes MultiversX, Launching 3 New Metaverse Products

Scalable blockchain and crypto platform Elrond takes its mission one step further, by  transforming into MultiversX. The rebranding represents the company’s core goal of connecting the physical world to the Metaverse. From innovative tools to a dedicated metaverse, let’s discover what the new ecosystem offers.

image of Elrond / MultiversX CEO Beniamin Mincu holding a speech at a conference

Elrond, the successful cryptocurrency startup, embarks on a new Metaverse journey by becoming MultiversX.

From Elrond to MultiversX: what does it mean?

Starting this quarter, the popular crypto and blockchain platform Elrond will become MultiversX. This change aims to improve users’ experiences while opening new doors for evolution. In other words, MultiversX will create a bridge between the Metaverse and the physical world.

As part of this upgrade, all of Elrond’s existing products will gradually merge into MultiversX as follows:

  • Elrond Wallet → X Wallet
  • Maiar Exchange → X Exchange
  • Twispay → X Money Fiat
  • Ad Astra Bridge → X Bridges
  • Maiar Launchpad → X Launchpad
  • Utrust → X Money Crypto
  • Inspire → X Spotlight

In addition, this transformation comes with three dedicated products, so let’s check them out.

image of Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu discussing xWorlds at an Elrond conference

The company will launch three new digital products to enhance users’ Web3 experiences.

Which are the company’s new products?

In addition to its already wide range of digital tools available, MultiversX (formerly Elrond) is launching three new products to match its current goals. The company claims that these will be the most exciting apps in the ecosystem, so here’s a quick breakdown:


This user-friendly solution works great for beginners in the Web3 world. For example, companies, artists, and institutions can develop their own products without any coding, the MultiversX (former Elrond) team explained. Further, the product’s “deep truth module” ensures a smooth, safe experience.


From chatting to playing games and collecting NFTs, this SuperApp brings all of the fun Web3 experiences in a single place. Use your digital avatar to explore new metaverses, enjoy shopping, and get cryptocurrency rewards.

Furthermore, thanks to the company’s partnership with Mastercard, you’ll be eligible for one digital and two physical cards, all linked to the same account. Surprisingly, this MultiversX product may actually bring “the first credit cards of the Multiverse”.


In short, this open metaverse will facilitate virtual interactions and even business development in a hyperrealistic experience. MultiversX will introduce this metaverse in 2023, but its beta version will become available starting December 10th. Accordingly, 10K users will be able to test its scalability next month.

image from the X Day Paris conference hosted by Elrond

Elrond hosts its first annual conference, X Day, on November 3-5th in the heart of Paris.

When will the Elrond merge begin?

Elrond has already started its transformation into MultiversX on November 3rd. In fact, the merge began during the company’s first three-day Elrond conference, X Day. The annual event took place at Palais Brongniart in Paris between November 3 – 5th, celebrating a new era in the startup’s Web3 journey. Impressively, the conference features the French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunication Jean-Noel Barrot and the Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, among others.

“MultiversX is building the collaborative framework and composable toolkit to set up the stage for a positive sum game of enormous stakes,” said Elrond Network’s CEO Beniamin Mincu. “For reimagining the entire spectrum of human experience and reinventing the front end of every business vertical.”

Curious to know more? You can already explore the MultiversX platform and follow the Elrond Network team on Twitter for the latest upgrades and releases.