British Army Twitter Account Hacked By NFT Scammers

Union Jack on a British Army uniform NFT

In a shocking incident, the British Army Twitter account was overtaken by NFT scammers yesterday. Over almost four hours, the official British Army Twitter account, with nearly 400 thousand followers, was shilling NFT scams. In fact, along with the Twitter account, their Youtube channel was also the subject of a digital attack. 

Union Jack on a British Army uniform NFT

The official social media accounts of the British Army were hacked by NFT scammers yesterday.

British Army suffers NFT hack

It is unclear how the hackers accessed the official British Army social media accounts. However, it is incredibly concerning. The hack is highly embarrassing for the UK, which spends almost £8.9 billion annually on digital security. After gaining the social media accounts back, the account confirmed an official investigation is underway. 

What’s more, the Ministry of Defence also made a statement about the British Army NFT scam attack. In a tweet, they said, “The breach of the Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts that occurred earlier today has been resolved, and an investigation is underway. The Army takes information security extremely seriously, and until their investigation is complete, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

NFT hackers continue to scam people

There is no telling how many people were victims of the attack on the British Army Twitter account by NFT scammers. But, the hackers had free reign over Twitter and YouTube for over four hours. On Twitter, they promoted two fraudulent derivatives of the NFT projects, The possessed and BAPESCLAN. 

The hackers posted links to these fake collections, and they were likely phishing links. Anyone who clicked on the link and connected their crypto wallet would have their assets stolen.

On YouTube, the hackers completely changed the appearance of the British Army account. Next, they posted videos with QR codes linked to dubious sites.

In the future, the British Army will need to be more cautious with its Social Media accounts to avoid another NFT scam incident. The investigation is ongoing, but with a vast digital security department, it shouldn’t take long to find out how it happened.

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