Bubblegoose Ballers NFT: Everything You Need To Know

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If you’ve been on NFT Twitter recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the excitement bubbling around the groundbreaking Solana project, Bubblegoose Ballers. The brainchild of acclaimed animation producer Carl Jones, this unique NFT collection of swagged-out Geese is ready to take over. Not just the Solana blockchain, but the mainstream TV industry as well.

But what exactly is a Bubblegoose Baller? And why is this collection getting so much love before it has even launched? Read on to learn all about the Bubblegoose Ballers NFTs.

Logo for Bubblegoose Ballers NFTs by Carl Jones

These Geese are ballin’ out of control on the blockchain. Credit: Bubblegoose Ballers

What is the Bubblegoose Ballers NFT collection?

As the team itself puts it, Bubblegoose Ballers is a collection of “ambitious, swagged-out, dream-chasin’ loosey, goosey geese in bubble coats”. The artwork is eye-catching and unique, packed with wildly imaginative traits. Of course, all centering around some super stylish geese in killer coats!

The collection will live on the Solana blockchain, and while it is still almost a week away from launch, it looks ready to become one of the hottest NFTs in that ecosystem. Significantly, the 10K NFT collection has amassed an incredible amount of attention in a relatively short time. To illustrate, it has gotten over 225,000 Twitter followers and over 60,000 Discord members in a matter of months. Clearly, both the collection and its creator have a ton of fans in the NFT space.

Aside from these distinct NFT avatars, holders of this gaggle of OG geese will get access to perks like exclusive merch. Not only that, but holders will also get to be part of the creative process. To explain, as part of developing a TV show, Bubblegoose Ballers will have community writers’ rooms. In this way, the highly experienced team is looking to advance the conversation around using NFTs to develop IP.

Illustrated poster of Bubblegoose Baller characters by Carl Jones

Bubblegoose Ballers has skyrocketed to becoming one of the most sought-after Solana NFT drops ever. Credit: Bubblegoose Ballers

Who created the Bubblegoose Ballers NFT collection?

The main creative force behind Bubblegoose Ballers is the veteran animation producer Carl Jones. Throughout his career, Jones has worked on several major television productions. Of course, he is best known as a producer of The Boondocks, and as an executive producer and the show developer of Black Dynamite.

In an exclusive VeeCon interview with NFTevening, Jones explained how the Bubblegoose character has lived with him for a long time.

“The neighborhood I grew up in, all the ballers used to wear bubble goose coats. And so that became a status symbol. They were drug dealers, of course, but you know what I mean – they were people that could afford to buy the things that I couldn’t buy. So there was something aspirational about that.”

That aspirational image made its way into Jones’ sketchbook as he would draw different characters with “huge” bubble goose coats. Eventually, he landed on the idea of a goose wearing a bubble goose coat. Fast forward all these years later and Jones has decided to bring the character to life with the help of the blockchain.

And Jones isn’t taking on the task alone. For one, there’s Love Barnett, co-founder of Jones’ animation studio, Martian Blueberry. Then there’s graphic artist and illustrator Moko Ko, who helped Jones build out the artwork for the Bubblegoose Ballers NFTs.

Finally, the NFT and Web3 studio WAGMI BEACH is collaborating on the collection. WAGMI BEACH previously worked on the very successful Solana project, Catalina Whale Mixer. Bubblegoose Ballers has also teamed up with the Solana marketplace Magic Eden to drop the NFTs.

Still from NFTevening interview with Bubblegoose Ballers creator Carl Jones

NFTevening sat down with legendary Boondocks producer and Bubblegoose Ballers creator Carl Jones at VeeCon.

Animation veteran Carl Jones sees NFTs as a new way to develop IP

Bubblegoose Ballers’ upcoming NFT mint means that Carl Jones is set to become the latest established creative making the jump into NFTs and Web3. Jones noted in our interview that it took him a moment to really grasp what NFTs were about, after learning about them about 18 months ago.

“I couldn’t wrap my head around the goal of it, or how it could play a bigger part in the direction I was already moving in as a creative. It took me a little while and took me a lot of homework before I came around to understanding; how you can use it to actually build a community and create a world that the community can support, but also participate in creatively. And that was really exciting to me.”

To be sure, momentum is building around NFTs and the role they can play in flipping the script in the film and television industry. Seeing this potential was a major factor in Jones creating the collection.

“There’s just so much red tape in tryna just go right into Hollywood. This is the perfect vehicle for young creators to build IP with their communities and allow their true creative integrity not to be compromised.”

BB on a sky blue background

The Bubblegoose Ballers mint goes live on Magic Eden at 10 AM PST on June 13th. Credit: Bubblegoose Ballers

NFT holders will be able to take part in the creative process

There’s another important side of the equation for Jones. Namely, how NFTs allow him and Barnett to bring the Bubblegoose Ballers community into the creative process in a meaningful way. And there are a few ways that Jones sees this happening.

For one thing, there’s the previously mentioned community writers room. This will see NFT holders invited to pitch ideas in real-time as the Bubblegoose Baller writing staff breaks stories. The writing team will also share rough script drafts with the community, giving them another opportunity to take part. Lastly, Jones is keen on the idea of tapping some community members to voice characters in the show.

“We got some real characters in our community, so let’s give them an opportunity to do some voices! There’s just so much talent within the community that we’ve already built so far, I’d rather reach there first before going outside.”

Ultimately, bringing Bubblegoose Ballers NFT holders in on the process is a fulfilling prospect. And it also strengthens the community investment in the show. That in turn is a boon for the creators when it comes time to take the show out to a wider audience.

“We can create original content, grow it with the audience, allow them to benefit from it, and then take that to a network or streamer. And it just gives you so much more leverage and so much more creative freedom.”

3 bubblegoose ballers standing around an Ethereum icon

Thanks to Magic Eden, Crossmint, and Metalink, some buyers will be able to mint their Bubblegoose Ballers NFTs using ETH. Credit: Bubblegoose Ballers

How to buy a Bubblegoose Ballers NFT

As mentioned above, Bubblegoose Ballers will launch its NFT collection through Solana’s leading NFT marketplace, Magic Eden. The drop will go live at 10 AM PST on Monday, June 13th.

Impressively, the Bubblegoose Ballers mint is set to make NFT history! That’s because, as the team recently announced, people will actually be able to mint the Solana NFT project using ETH.

To sum up, over 150 collectors will be able to mint these Solana NFTs with ETH, using their MetaMask wallets. Crossmint, a platform that allows people to mint NFTs using a credit card, is making this possible. In addition, Metalink will populate this Bubblegoose Ballers NFT mintlist through a raffle, with 25 spots going to Metamint NFT holders.

All in all, the Bubblegoose Ballers NFT mint next Monday will certainly be one to look out for! The collection has a pre-mint community that very few projects are able to attract. That bodes incredibly well for the future of these NFTs, and the IP they are bringing to the world.
Want to know more about Carl Jones and the vision behind Bubblegoose Ballers? Check out the full video of our VeeCon 2022 interview.

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