Bushidos NFTs: The New Hit Collection from Coinbase’s Team

Bushidos, an NFT project fresh from the oven, is steadily making a mark in the NFT world. The Samurai-themed collection is the brainchild of a team of Coinbase and Stripe employees. The striking artwork combined with the expertise the team members bring to the table has made the project a favourite among many collectors. 

The collection dropped on October 22 and was sold out in a jiffy. In about a week’s time, the collection has amassed 177 ETH or around $746,000 in trading volume on OpenSea. While each NFT cost 0.088 ETH during mint, currently, the floor has come down to 0.02 (at the time of writing), making it quite affordable. 

Bushidos NFT collection

Bushidos is a collection of 8,888 Samurai warriors living on the Ethereum blockchain. Credits: Bushidos

All about the Bushidos NFT collection

Bushidos NFT collection features 8,888 Samurai warriors aiming to “preserve the decentralization of the blockchain” and “protect against FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt)”. The collection, which lives on Ethereum, takes inspiration from samurai culture and lore.

The collection follows the story of the Bushidos Clan, which, 100 years ago, was one of the world’s “strongest communities”. Back then, the blockchain, a “mystical force”, connected people far and wide. Unfortunately, an evil ruler takes control of the Blockchain and closes the portal to it. Now, 100 years later, samurai warriors of the Bushidos Guilds are uniting to defeat the evil ruler with the help of the Katanas (swords) of their ancestors. 

“Bushidos is a cultural movement, not a one-and-done NFT project,” it notes on the website. “Our goal is to grow an active creative community around the theme of samurai lore and culture. This is only the beginning.”

The Samurai warriors are divided into five different ranks, each defined by the helmet’s silhouette. Furthermore, each rank has several traits with varying rarities. These five ranks are as follows:

  1. Gokenin – 4,670 
  2. Goshi – 3,324
  3. Hatamoto – 888 
  4. Shogun – 88 
  5. Busho – 8
Bushidos NFT collection ranks

The five ranks in the collection. Credits: Credits: Bushidos

Weeks before the Bushidos drop, the project dropped a limited NFT collection called The Principles or Sashimonos. Historically, Sashimonos are banners on the samurai’s armour and represent one of the eight virtuous Principles. The NFTs were free to mint and only 888 were in the collection. Holders of Principle NFTs enjoy several benefits, including early access to future Bushido NFTs.

What’s next for the project?

For now, the team has only unveiled season one of the project, whose main focus is the Bushido mint. As part of season one, the project has launched its official merch store and will donate 2 ETH to a community-voted cause. It will also give Katana NFTs to Bushido holders in late 2021. These swords will have utility when season 2 goes live. For season 2, the project has planned a virtual comic book, an ERC20 token, at least two new NFT collections, and more!

Some of the Bushido NFTs have also fetched hefty sums. While Bushido #6783 was sold for around $43,700, Bushido #7997 fetched about $12,200, as per NFT Stats. While the project seems promising, it remains to be seen if it can take over top PFP collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cool Cats. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to find out how the project moves forward! 

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