Captain Tsubasa Makes Historic Debut on Oasys Blockchain

Captain Tsubasa Makes Historic Debut on Oasys Blockchain

Gaming fans and soccer lovers rejoice as the blockchain adaptation of the popular Japanese soccer comics, Captain Tsubasa, arrives on Oasys blockchain. Created by Mint Town, Co., Ltd. in partnership with BLOCKSMITH&Co., a mobile game branch of KLab Inc Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- is a fun gaming adventure focused on gathering character NFTs based on the renowned series.

Players can experience a distinct blockchain gaming setting in Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-. In addition to building teams and characters, players can take part in a variety of modes such as 11 vs 11 Arena Mode, PvP Mode, and Rival Mode.

Dynamic 3D films are used to bring the game’s amazing moves to life, and famous composer Mondo Grosso’s generative soundtrack completes the picture. For all players, this creative blending of audio and graphics improves the gaming experience.

Exclusive Features of GENESIS NFTs

In celebration of the game’s debut on Oasys, GENESIS NFTs are offering special features including Energy Boost which gives the player an extra 10 GENESIS NFTs to boost their energy. The daily TSUBASAUT withdrawal limit in Rival mode is also increased by GENESIS NFTs with the addition of Withdrawal Limit Increase.

Oasys, known for its quick transaction processing and low prices, provides an optimal network for gaming. These features provide Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- players with a seamless and affordable gaming experience.

Famous soccer players, such as Yuto Nagatomo and Andrés Iniesta, who are the official ambassadors for the sport, have endorsed the release.

Future Collaborations and Commitment to Innovation

In order to use exclusive IPs for blockchain games, Oasys promises to look into partnering with Mint Town, Co., Ltd. and other developers in the future. This commitment aligns with Oasys’ 2024 Dragon Update vision, which seeks to push the boundaries of gaming and blockchain technology through the use of “killer content”.

By bringing Captain Tsubasa to the Oasys blockchain, fans worldwide can immerse themselves in the captivating world of soccer while exploring the innovative potential of blockchain gaming.

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