CCGlobal and The Blockchainer Hosts First 3D NFT and DeFi Conference

3D NFT DeFi Conference

Mark your calendar because the First 3D Online NFT and DeFi Conference is coming up this September. CCGlobal and The Blockchainer are teaming up to host Chainplus: Asia NFT & DeFi Conference and Investment Roadshow. 

The conference from September 9 until 11 will focus on the Asia Pacific market: China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and India. In addition, it will also cover trends and projects from mainstream countries and areas like the US, Italy, Dubai and Europe. 

3D NFT DeFi Conference

NFT events are now pandemic proof because organizers are going 100% digital. Credit: Eventbrite

The world’s first 3D NFT and DeFi Conference

The online roadshow aims to make it convenient for users and investors to explore the Asian market despite the limitations of the pandemic. Furthermore, it promises to gather the best of the best. Through the event, the world’s most authoritative NFT and DeFi leaders would be able to connect with the most disruptive creators. In the same vein, emerging start-ups will have access to international investors. 

The conference aims to attract 30,000+ viewers from DeFi and the NFT industry. Then, 200+ global mainstream media mileage will be simultaneously executed. The ten sessions of the DeFi and NFT Investment roadshow are gunning for 100,000+ audiences. Lastly, 100 international blockchain investment institutions, funds, and token funds will be exclusively invited to enter the investment and financing studio hall. 

The virtual conference environment is expected to feature realistic 3D Designs. In essence, the conference will utilize tools like speech slot, 3D Virtual Booth and  Video Chatting. The goal is to make the attendees feel like they are attending a physical conference. Participants can also take advantage of usual opportunities during investment roadshows. For example, they can arrange one-on-one meetings, networking rooms and exchange business cards.

3D NFT DeFi Conference

Participants of the first 3D NFT and DeFi will feel like they are attending a physical conference because of the tools and caliber of speakers. Credit: Eventbrite

Why focus on Asia?

The event is giving preferential attention to connecting the Asia-Pacific market in terms of NFTs and DeFi Innovation. 2020-2021 unlocked the true potential of NFTs and DeFi. Publications are anticipating that the total locked-in value in DeFi will hit 100 billion this year. Similarly, NFT fever is spreading globally, especially in art, metaverse, games, and IP copyrights. 

NFTs charmed the western world with celebrities, athletes and sports team releasing their own NFT Collection faster than we can blink. In contrast, the Eastern world is still soaking it in. However, the organizers are seeing that Asia-Pacific investors have a growing interest in cryptographic art Simultaneously, a new generation of creators proficient in digital technology is emerging and pushing this emerging category in new directions. 

In conclusion, the event signals that the era of DeFi + NFTs and new markets are beginning to gain momentum. The conference has the full sport of leading Asin blockchain organizations. Leading the chare are Blockchain Association Singapore(BAS), India Blockchain Alliance(IBA) and HongKong Blockchain Association(HKBA).

A Little Preview For the Participants

The conference already published its very impressive line-up of speakers for the three sessions. It would be a big mistake to miss the talk of the head of the global leading decentralized exchange Sushiswap. The top fund team Metapurse that bought Beeple’s digital artwork for $69 Million will also be there. Leading platforms will also participate like  Coinbase, Opensea, Coinmarketcap, Uniswap, Ernst & Young, BinanceNFT, FTX, Rarible, Flow and NBATopShot. 

Basically, all well-known international blockchain enterprises will join and give their take on the NFT and DeFi space during the conference. 

Registration is now open through this link.

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