Champ Medici releases NFT music on Cardano With Clay Nation

Image of Clay Nation images of tapes with text Champ Medici

The NFT music scene continues to thrive, and now Champ Medici is releasing three new tracks on the Cardano blockchain. Champ Medici, the Web 3 Architect and artist, collaborates once again with Clay Nation, the popular Clay animation and culture NFT project. This latest installment consists of three new music tracks exclusively available to Baked Nation (BN) NFT holders. BN is a virtual-land and clay animation collaboration between Clay Nation, Champ Medici, and Snoop Dogg.

Image of Clay Nation images of tapes with text Champ Medici

In collaboration with Clay Nation, Champ Medici has launched three new music NFTs on the Cardano blockchain!

New NFT music by Champ Medici 

The three new tracks are ‘Manifest’, ‘Lil Flex’n’, and ‘ADA Dreams’ and form part of Clay Nation Tapes Vol. 1. Notably, these three new additions will be added to the metadata of the Baked Nation pitch NFTs. The NFTs were first released back in April this year.

The new music is completely original and previously unreleased. Additionally, along with exclusive access to the three tracks, Baked Nation NFT holders will also share in the full commercial rights of the music.

NFT music continues to stretch traditional boundaries

The latest event in the partnership between Champ Medici and Clay Nation highlights the importance of NFT music. Furthermore, it is a huge advantage for artists and creators to use blockchain technology’s unique freedom, control, and accessibility. 

The Cardano NFT community also continues to grow; Clay Nation is a huge part of that. Now, with three hugely successful NFT collections, Clay Nation is working with global names, such as Snoop Dogg and others, to highlight the strength of its project and the Cardano blockchain.

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