Chimpers NFT Collection: What You Should Know

Chimpers is the new PFP NFT collection created by prominent NFT collector and pixel artist Timpers. While the idea began back in July 2021, it has since developed into a Web3 adventure story. Basically, Chimpers is filled with art, lore, and other metaverse initiatives. 

Chimpers NFT

Chimpers NFT collection looks like another promising NFT project.

What Is Chimpers NFT?

 Chimpers is an art and lore-based NFT collection consisting of 5,555 pixelated chimp avatars. Firstly, 100 Genesis Chimpers were inhabiting their world. Currently, 5,555 Chimpers exist “across the intergalactic warp,” consisting of warriors, gods, demons, mages, and space travelers. 

However, Chimpers is more of a social project with an ethos to “underpromise and overdeliver.” Basically, the collection aims to provide value for its collectors through “mystery, surprise, and reward.” Accordingly, there’s already a lot of mystery surrounding the project. 

Who created the Chimpers NFT Collection?

This NFT collection was created by prominent NFT collector and pixel artist Timpers.  Actually, his experience with top brands incliding RTFKT, KOLECTIV, and INTERLEAVE meant he already had the respect of the NFT community. Plus, the BAYC x Rolling Stone magazine featured Timpers’ NFT artwork too. 

His new Chimpers NFTs depict a colorful pixel-style artwork with various expressions. In fact, Timpers developed the perfect recipe for success, incorporating anime culture, pixel art, and brilliant colors. 

How expensive are Chimpers?

Originally, the Chimpers NFTs were available to mint at 0.07ETH on May 20th 2021. Currently, however,  Chimpers has a 2.4 ETH floor price on OpenSea. Now, their total secondary sales volume is 7.5k ETH! Meanwhile, the Chimpers Genesis NFTs have a floor price of 35 ETH (at the time of writing).

What is TBAC (The Boring Ape Chronicles)?

The TBAC consists of six art pieces and an interactive ebook based on Chimpers’ storytelling and lore. Further, “THE QUEST FOR THE DIAMOND FLEECE” is TBAC’s genesis series comprising six interconnected artworks. 


TBAC’s THE QUEST FOR THE DIAMOND FLEECE. Credit: Chimpers website.

In brief, TBAC is a derivative story based on the BAYC apes. It describes The Bored Apes embarking on an exciting journey in a world of faction and divide. In fact, The Apes had to come together on a quest to search for “THE SACRED DIAMOND FLEECE ARTIFACT.”

Origin of The Chimpers NFTs

As their website states, the Chimpers came into existence through scientific experiments that the rest of the populace didn’t notice. 

For decades, Chimpers fought with the humans for control. Eventually, they reclaimed their land and pushed the humans out forever. In fact, before their defeat, humans had to destroy the evidence of their creation. Therefore, they launched the Chimpers DNA out in space, hoping their creation would never come to light. 

The Chimpverse

The origin story of the Chimpers NFTs. Credit: Chimpers website.

However, destiny had some other plans. The Chimpers spread across the galaxy as centuries passed, and a new age began for the species. 

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