Christie’s Launches Their Own NFT Auction House On Ethereum

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Christie’s, the world-famous art auction house, is launching its very own on-chain Ethereum NFT auction house. Officially, Christie’s 3.0, the new on-chain platform, highlights the importance of NFT art and how seriously the traditional art world is taking web3.

Christie’s 3.0 is an open platform, and anybody can bid on items on the digital auction house. To bid, you first connect your digital wallet to the platform, and then you can make an offer on your desired artwork. Furthermore, to celebrate the launch of the new NFT auction house, Christie’s offers an exclusive collection of nine NFT photography art pieces by Diana Sinclair, a multi-talented NFT artist.

Image of Christie's art auction house in New York NFT

World famous art auction house Christie’s is launching its own NFT marketplace.

Christie’s continues to grow its web3 presence

Founded in London in 1776, over 250 years ago, Christie’s is one of the world’s most recognizable art auction companies. Therefore, some of the most valuable art ever to exist has been sold there – and now it wants to build the same legacy on the blockchain.

Christie’s has already played a massive role in the emergence and acceptance of NFT art in the traditional art industry. In March 2021, Christie’s auctioned off Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” artwork for $69.3 million. Notably, this was long before other companies even knew what NFTs were.

The sale helped to bring the term NFT into the mainstream, and the sheer price of the sale made people aware of the emerging digital art market. Now, it is the first global auction house to create an NFT marketplace.

Christie’s 3.0 is a new NFT auction marketplace

Christie’s 3.0 offers a truly decentralized, transparent experience. In fact, all auctions take place on the public Ethereum blockchain from start to finish. Additionally, the famous art auction house also intends to provide additional tools and services for compliance and tax issues.

Speaking about the process of creating an on-chain NFT marketplace, Christie’s director of digital art sales, Nicole Sales Giles, said, “By incorporating regulatory tools, such as anti-money laundering and sales tax, we have built an inclusive solution where both veteran and new NFT collectors can feel secure in transacting with Christie’s 3.0.”

Industry experts created the Christie’s NFT marketplace

The new platform is possible thanks to a partnership with leading web3 companies Manifold, Chainalysis, and Spatial. Manifold is a startup minting platform, Chainalysis is a blockchain data analytics company, and Spatial is a metaverse platform.

Thus, together the team has worked hard to create a decentralized, fully on-chain NFT auction experience that matches the luxury and opulence of the real-life Christie’s art auction house.

“Christie’s 3.0 is an on-chain auction platform dedicated to exceptional NFT art. Whether you’re new to NFTs or already a committed member of the community, discover and bid on exclusive drops curated by Christie’s,” Christie’s said.

image of a woman in a dress blurred with a blue tint Christie's NFT auction

Diana Sinclair’s NFT project, ‘Phases’, is the debut collection on Christie’s NFT Auction House, Christie’s 3.0 Credit: Doomsday by Diana Sinclair.

The first Christie’s NFT collection is now live

NFT art collectors don’t have to wait long to sample Christie’s new NFT auction marketplace. Christie’s 3.0 is live now, and they have chosen a unique art collection to kick-start the marketplace.

The inaugural NFT auction consists of nine NFT pieces created especially for the occasion. The artist behind the work is eighteen-year-old art sensation, Diana Sinclair. Her first solo collection, Phases, is already gathering huge attention online.

The project is wonderfully immersive and has a central theme of transformation. Bidding starts from 4 ETH and will run until October 11th, exclusively on Christie’s new NFT art marketplace, Christie’s 3.0.

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