Comedy NFT Collectibles of ‘Your Mom’s House’ Come to Jambb

Comedians Tom Segura and Christina P in Your Mom's House podcast

One of the world’s most popular podcasts, ‘Your Mom’s House’, has just made its NFT debut. Hosted by Tom Segura and Christina P, the podcast has amassed a massive fan-following in its over a decade of existence. Now, thanks to comedy collectibles platform, Jambb, fans of the show get to own memorable moments from over 600 episodes of the show.

Comedians Tom Segura and Christina P in Your Mom's House podcast

Your Mom’s House NFTs have hit the flow blockchain! Credits: Jambb

“What you see is this fantastic, creative group of people looking at ways to better connect with fans and to give them a chance to participate in something that they have always wanted but didn’t know that they needed,” Alex DiNunzio tells NFTevening. DiNunzio is the CEO and co-founder of Jambb. 

As a matter of fact, this aligns with Jambb’s larger mission—to empower fans and collectors to own original content. “Tom and Christina see this as the first step of many things that we can do…It’s a legacy-building exercise…It represents a chance to give your content, new life.”

Your Mom’s House has a cult following

Your Mom’s House features married couple Segura and Christina as they comment on a range of topics, including current events, their daily lives, and the latest viral clips. Want to listen to a breakdown of the Internet’s wildest and most sensational clips? Then, Your Mom’s House is your answer!

Since YMH Studios launched the podcast in 2010, Your Mom’s House has garnered a cult following. The numbers speak for themselves—the podcast boasts over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and millions of monthly downloads. 

Now, the duo is bringing this rich legacy to Your Mom’s House NFTs.

“Christina and I are constantly seeking out unique ways to connect with our listeners, making Jambb a perfect collaborator,” said Segura. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer Your Mom’s House fans the content they love in a new format.”

Christina P of Your Mom’s House podcast in the studio

Your Mom’s House NFTs offer iconic moments from the podcast. Credits: Jambb

Individually, both Segura and Christina comes with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. The former, for instance, is famous for his Netflix specials Ball Hog (2020), Disgraceful (2018), and Mostly Stories (2016). What’s more, he has released four hit comedy albums in his 20-year long career. Christina, on the other hand, is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV personality. Along with appearances on Vh1, the TV Guide Channel, SyFy Channel, and more, she has released Netflix comedy specials The Degenerates and Christina P: Mother Inferior.

The NFTs offer 125 unique moments

In collaboration with Jambb, Your Mom’s House’s NFT collection features two drops. While the first includes iconic moments from the podcast, the second contains a combination of clips from the podcast and the wider YMH universe. All in all, 125 unique moments from Your Mom’s House is up for grabs!

In a nutshell, the moments are divided as follows:

  • 25 Legendary Moments with 40 editions per moment
  • 25 Rare Moments with 221 editions per moment
  • 75 Uncommon Moments with 505 editions per moment

Besides, each pack comes with three rarities—Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with prices ranging from $9 to $499. The collection is now live on Jambb.

“Once you experience the pack, you realize just how different it is,” DiNunzio adds. “You’re laughing at the thing you just bought—that is totally different than what happens traditionally in NFT buying.”

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