Cool Cats $MILK Token: All You Need to Know

Several Cool Cats NFTs

Ever since Cool Cats announced its plans to launch $MILK tokens late last year, the community has been abuzz over its specifics. Basically, $MILK is a social token within the Cool Cats ecosystem. In other words, it provides holders additional utility in ‘Cooltopia’. 

Several Cool Cats NFTs

$MILK token holders will enjoy several benefits in the Cool Cats ecosystem. Credits: Cool Cats

While Cool Cats had initially planned to launch $MILK in 2021 Q4, it was delayed to January, and then later to February. Needless to say, the delay in launching $MILK as well as Cool Pets, was met with backlash from the community. Let’s take a deeper look at how $MILK works.

Cool Cats holders can passively earn $MILK

So, how do you earn $MILK tokens? If you are a Cool Cat holder, you’ll automatically earn $MILK. As soon as the contract is deployed, you can start claiming the token, which accumulates over time. 

Cool Cats $MILK chart

Here’s a breakdown of how much $MILK Cats and Pets can earn per day based on their rarity. Credits: Cool Cats

Alternatively, you can earn $MILK by sending your Cool Pet on quests. You will have a chance to pick one quest out of five. Based on its evolutionary stage and its element, the Pet will acquire the corresponding amount of tokens. This amount will also depend on the rarity of the quest.

According to a blog post by Crypto Whippet, a user can earn an average of 67 $MILK per quest. However, as two of the quests will be of Common rarity, the true average $MILK per quest is 51.4 $MILK. Since Cool Pets can go on quests 10 times a day, users can earn an average of 514 $MILK per day.

Once you earn $MILK tokens, there is plenty you can do with them. For one, you can use them to buy Battle or Housing chests to go on questions. You also need $MILK to evolve your Cool Pets. More features and functions will follow suit!

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