Crypto Cannabis Club Gnomies Collection: What You Should Know

The Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC) is all set to drop its latest NFT collection, called Gnomies. As we know, CCC is one of the leading NFT projects for psychedelic connoisseurs and digital art lovers. After a successful genesis drop of NFTokers in July last year, the project is back with its newest collection, dropping this month. 

So, what is the Crypto Cannabis Club Gnomies collection all about? More importantly, when will the Gnomies NFTs drop and how can you mint these NFTs?

A colourful Gnomies avatar from Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club’s Gnomies NFT collection will drop this month.

What is the Crypto Cannabis Club Gnomies Collection?

The Crypto Cannabis Club’s lore is set in the year 3,000, where CCC is the “biggest name in the weed game across the galaxy”. Its ever-expanding ecosystem includes NFTokers, Tokin Boss, NFTokins, and more. The latest addition to this CCC universe is the Gnomies.

“The Gnomies share the Tokers’ love for plant medicines, fun and psychedelic experiences,” CCC wrote in a blog post. “The Gnomies will add new art, new benefits and new experiences for the Crypto Cannabis Club community.”

Primarily, Gnomies NFT holders will receive discounts on products and experiences. Already, Crypto Cannabis Club has partnered with and My Personal Plants for the same. Furthermore, in the coming weeks and months, CCC will add more utility partners to Gnomies. Additionally, holders can expect special events and experiences in the future. 

When is the Gnomies NFT Collection Mint? 

Crypto Cannabis Club’s Gnomies NFT collection will go live between July 11 and July 13. While the greenlist pre-mint will happen on July 11, NFToker mint and the public mint will follow on July 12 and 13, respectively. 

Now, greenlist members can mint the Gnomies NFT for free (plus gas fees). Wallets with the following NFTs as of 12:01 am ET on July 8 are eligible for the greenlist mint:

  • A full set of all three CCC collectibles – Trippy, Drippy, and Ganji.
  • A Tokin Boss.
  • An NFToker with Mushroom Drip Property.

Then, wallets with at least one NFToker can mint one Gnomies per NFToker for 0.05 ETH + gas fees. Finally, during the public sale, anyone can mint the NFTs for 0.10 ETH each. 

The Gnomies NFT artwork

The Gnomies NFT artwork is spectacular!

About Crypto Cannabis Club

Launched in July 2021, Crypto Cannabis Club is the brainchild of Ryan Hunter, Kevin Fitzpatrick, and Jimmy Fitzpatrick. While Ryan comes with a wealth of experience in the technology sector, both Kevin and Jimmy are well-experienced in the Cannabis industry. With the CCC project, the founders aimed to bring together cannabis connoisseurs and crypto enthusiasts. 

Today, the 10K CCC NFTokers genesis collection boasts over 4,400 ETH in all-time sales. Besides, it has a floor price of 0.17 ETH. It’s other sub-collections are also doing reasonably well. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how the Crypto Cannabis Club Gnomies NFT collection will fare in the current bear market. 

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