Arthur Hayes Suggests Bitcoin Will Experience a Massive Upswing This Market Cycle; Top Crypto Coins That Could Rise Along With It

Crypto Expert Predicts Massive Upswing for Bitcoin; Other Top 5 Coins to Watch

Arthur Hayes, the influential BitMEX co-founder, recently said that Bitcoin is about to have a huge rally this market cycle. Traders are now interested in other cryptocurrencies that could potentially rise with Bitcoin after this statement. Here are five of the best cryptos that may do that: DTX Exchange (DTX), Toncoin (TON), Cardano (ADA), Notcoin (NOT), and Aptos (APT).

While most of these tokens are household names, DTX Exchange is emerging as a rising Stage 2 presale phenomenon. It has already raised over $800K and is on track to reach $1M before the end of July 2024. Certain market analysts even hint it could become the next 100x crypto in 2024. Let’s see why.

DTX Exchange (DTX): The Top Cryptocurrency To Buy Right Now

DTX Exchange (DTX) has become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency sector, with its presale performance being an example. Those who bought this crypto early on now enjoy a 100% ROI. This percentage will increase by 50% soon when Stage 3 goes live. Even Coin Gabbar states that this presale is one of the top 5 presales.

What makes DTX Exchange unique among platforms such as Coinbase is its hybrid trading model, which combines features from CEX and DEX. The DTX Exchange can access more than 120K assets, including FX, commodities, and cryptos, making it versatile. Furthermore, the leverage ratios can be up to 1000x—a big advantage over its rivals.

The DTX utility token lies at the core of the DTX Exchange and boasts various benefits for holders. These include governance voting rights, access to advanced analytics tools, and reduced trading fees. Moreover, anyone purchasing $100 worth of DTX during the presale will automatically be entered into a $1M giveaway, with ten winners getting $100K each.

DTX is valued at just $0.04 in Stage 2 of its presale. This is a 100% rise from its starting price. However, experts predict a 100x surge for DTX once it hits Tier-1 exchanges in Q3 of 2024. With this prediction, plus its ties to the $1.4T stock market, DTX emerges as the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Toncoin (TON): Among the Best Cryptos

Next, we will talk about Toncoin (TON), another crypto that has been riding a bullish wave. According to CoinMarketCap data, the Toncoin price increased over 450% over the past 12 months. Crypto analyst Johnny also remains bullish on this crypto. In his X post, Johnny states that TON is one of the best-looking coins in the market right now.

The technical analysis of the Toncoin crypto supports this claim. For example, TON is trading above its 50- and 100-day EMAs with 26 green technical indicators. Due to all these reasons, market analysts have made a bullish Toncoin price prediction—reaching $8.44 before Q3 of 2024 ends.

Cardano (ADA): Projected To See a 70% Rally

Cardano (ADA) has has shown remarkable gains recently. The data from CoinMarketCap reveals that the price of ADA has increased by more than 40% in a year. It is worth noting that this bullish trend is likely to continue, as per Captain Faibik. He indicates that there was a confirmation of a falling wedge breakout, which should lead to a 70% surge soon.

Moreover, the Cardano crypto has over 17 technical indicators showing a buy signal. Because of this, market analysts are still optimistic about its future growth potential. Their Cardano price predictions indicate it will rise to $0.53 within Q3 of 2024.

Notcoin (NOT): Massive Burn Event

The second to last place on our top crypto coins list is Notcoin (NOT). Recently, Notcoin announced that it has burned 210M NOT tokens worth $3M in a single day. This massive burn event could cause an uptrend for this crypto. Speaking of which, the Notcoin crypto value fell nearly 10% over the past year alone.

But Notcoin’s technical analysis paints a more bullish picture. For instance, there are now over five technical indicators in the green for NOT. Because of all these bullish Notcoin news and indicators, market analysts forecast a surge to $0.017 before the end of Q3 2024.

Aptos (APT): Proposes Aave V3 Deployment

Last, we will mention Aptos (APT)—another good crypto to buy. Recently, there has been some exciting Aptos news. For example, Aptos announced that it has proposed to deploy Aave V3 on its mainnet. Therefore, interest in APT is rising once more.

The Aptos crypto value has sunk nearly 10% on the YTD chart. But, five technical indicators are in the buy zone for APT. Thanks to these promising Aptos news and signals, experts in the crypto field predict a rise to $8 within Q3 of 2024.

Closing Remarks on the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Watch

The crypto market feels hopeful after Arthur Hayes stated that Bitcoin will surge. DTX Exchange, Toncoin, Cardano, Notcoin and Aptos are also likely to increase in price if Bitcoin does so, too. But DTX Exchange stands out thanks to its low market cap and ties to many trillion-dollar financial markets. Therefore, DTX will surge at a faster rate overall.

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