Crypto Jogger: the AI-Generated PFPs on a Race to Take Over the Metaverse

If you’ve been looking for an innovative NFT collection with unique design and AI technology, Crypto Jogger is for you. These AI-generated characters are sprinting to take over the Metaverse and innovate the NFT space! The project was created via DAO4ART, a niche platform that helps creators benefit from royalty tokenization for their content automatically.

Before we get into that, though, let’s answer a key question:

Crypto Jogger is a new NFT project created via DAO4ART that uses AI-generated images to grow a powerful community.

What Is the Crypto Jogger NFT Collection?

In essence, Crypto Jogger is a collection of 1,000 AI-generated NFTs. These colorful avatars depict creatures inspired by aliens, wildlife, and pets. Of course, each collectible is unique and features a great design thanks to modern AI technology.

Besides their design, the Crypto Jogger NFTs also have a compelling storyline. These digital creatures sprint to avoid a feared hacker nicknamed ‘Red Queen’ who wants to destroy their web3 existence.

Right now, 950 Jogger NFTs are already allocated for whitelisted members. However, 50 collectibles are still available for the public until Sunday at midnight (UTC), so it’s your last chance to claim yours!

Why Did the Collection Mint via DAO4ART?

The innovative Crypto Jogger NFT collection was released on DAO4ART. This revolutionary platform aims to help web3 creators make their NFT debut via built-in royalty tokenization. For instance, users will benefit from an ERC-20 token generated instantly for their DAO.

“Simply put, in comparison to marketplaces, D4A is the previous step where people create contents that will later go on trading platforms,” the platform creators explain.

Here’s a visual representation of how the platform works:

virtual chart of the DAO4ART platform system

DAO4ART helps new Web3 creators grow their own DAO via royalty tokenization.

Notably, this platform doesn’t handle NFT trading per see. In other words, each NFT transaction for Crypto Joggers happens on the OpenSea marketplace.


What’s Next for the Crypto Joggers NFT Project?

Crypto Jogger’s royalty income will be entirely tokenized thanks to their revolutionary minting and creation technology. The project’s DAO Asset Pool will hold and manage this income, thus boosting the NFTs’ value.

This means scaling up the Jogger community from maximum 1,000 NFT holders to infinite number of ERC-20 token holders, who all enjoy the benefits of its growth.


Overall, Crypto Jogger is an exciting NFT project that brings together AI-generated design, innovative tokenomics, and an ambitious roadmap. You can check out the collection’s D4A page or OpenSea. Meanwhile, you can follow the DAO4ART platform via Twitter and join their Discord for exclusive announcements, releases, and more.