CryptoVoxels: NFT Avatars From All Collectible Projects Welcome

A Screenshot of The CryptoVoxels metaverse

CryptoVoxels’ users will soon be able to show off their favorite NFT avatars on the platform. Evidently we could soon see avatars such as Apes, Punks and Meebits walking around the metaverse. What’s more this could happen by the end of the year.

CryptoVoxels Tower as potential housing for NFT avatars

Want to explore CryptoVoxels’ plots as your Bored Ape or Meebit? You’ll soon be able to. Credit: CryptoVoxels

CryptoVoxels Wants To Expand on Usability of NFT Avatars

CryptoVoxels’ founder, Ben Nolan made the exciting announcement on a short Twitter vlog. To sum up the video, Nolan shares some of the platform’s goals. To that end users will get special files of their NFT avatars that will work in CryptoVoxels.

This step is a big one for the platform. In effect, it gives owners of NFT avatars more reason to spend time on CryptoVoxels. On account of the early stage of the metaverse we are in, bringing in different assets onto these types of platforms is a challenge. Nolan touched on this, saying that NFT avatars will have to map onto the ones already on the platform.

A Screenshot of Avatars within CryptoVoxels

CryptoVoxels’ upcoming NFT avatar integrations are a win for interoperability. Credit: CryptoVoxels

The Future of Avatars Lies In Many More Places

This announcement from CryptoVoxels ties to a key component of the metaverse.  That is to say, interoperability. To sum up, this means that  different parts of the metaverse are able to interact with each other. To put it another way, we need to be able to move digital assets from one place to another. This certainly makes sense. For instance, take a Bored Ape Yacht Club owner. Someone holding an NFT avatar like that would obviously like to use it in as many places as possible.

To illustrate, there are limited places to display NFT avatars at the present time. Of course they have found a home on Twitter. In addition there are emerging ways to display them, both in real life and online. Regardless, a metaverse home for them would be well received.


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