CyberBrokers NFT: Everything To Know

While the current bear market in NFTs has wiped out a lot of shaky projects, those with firmer foundations have continued to grow their communities and brands. The CyberBrokers NFT project fits squarely in the latter category. With its futuristic, cyberpunk art, and well-thought-out storytelling, CyberBrokers has established itself as an NFT project to watch.

CyberBrokers NFTs

Time to learn all about the popular on-chain NFT collection, CyberBrokers.

What is CyberBrokers NFT?

CyberBrokers is a collection of 10,001 on-chain NFT collectibles. Besides bringing holders together in the CyberBrokers community, the NFTs also provide membership and access to different kinds of experiences in the metaverse.

The CyberBrokers NFT collection also comes along with extensive lore. Each of the CyberBrokers NFTs has a name and belongs to one of six classes. According to the CyberBrokers story on its website, the story behind the collection takes place on a post-apocalyptic planet Earth.

“The earth is frozen. Locked in a modern ice age. The world governments had come together with a plan to save humanity by moving everyone into the metaverse. It had been called “The Paradigm Shift”. The first ten thousand volunteers, ready to light the way, were called CyberBrokers.” There’s even a podcast you can listen to for more of the lore behind the CyberBrokers NFTs.

For those who don’t know, CyberBrokers stands out as being one of only a few NFT collections to be fully on-chain. Indeed, most NFTs only store some of their data on the blockchain. Namely, the token ID and a link to the token metadata.

In contrast, CyberBrokers stores all of its data on the Ethereum network. This includes the broken down and compressed SVG files of the art, as well as the CyberBrokers metadata. By the same token, a cached image of the compiled CyberBrokers NFTs is stored on IPFS. By being fully on-chain, CyberBrokers is ensuring the security and decentralized approach of its NFT project.

CryptoBrokers NFT artist Josie Bellini

Renowned crypto artist Josie Bellini is behind the CryptoBrokers NFT collection. Credit: Robin Subar | Classic Chicago Magazine

Who created CyberBrokers NFT?

The creative force behind CyberBrokers is the acclaimed crypto artist Josie Bellini. Going from a career in finance, Bellini left that industry to be a part of the crypto revolution. As a matter of fact, Bellini has been creating crypto art as far back as 2017.

Bellini has amassed some impressive accomplishments since her start as a crypto artist. For example, she has had her work on display at major conferences like Consensus and NFT NYC. In addition, she has sold artwork at the two major auction houses when it comes to NFTs, Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Rounding out the CyberBrokers team are Azamat Khairov (who created the CyberBrokers art with Bellini), blockchain engineer Ben Heidorn, and eCommerce veteran Christopher Chapman.

CyberBrokers NFT poster

The collection minted back in March 2022. Credit: CyberBrokers

How to buy these on-chain storytelling NFTs

The CyberBrokers NFTs were first available to mint in March of this year. What’s more, they minted for 0.35 ETH through an entirely allow-listed sale. That is to say that there was no public sale.

As of now, you can buy CyberBrokers on the secondary market. This popular NFT collection currently sits at a floor price of 1.9 ETH. As far as secondary trade volume, CyberBrokers has brought in 33.1K ETH so far.

Like many projects, the floor price of CyberBrokers fell from its lofty heights since the downturn in the NFT market. As a matter of fact, the collection hit an all-time high floor price of 5.877 ETH in April. Nevertheless, the project is still in the top 35 of all collections on OpenSea by floor price. This just goes to show the strength of the community that CyberBrokers has created so far.


All in all this highly creative project has secured a really firm foundation thanks to its accomplished creator and focus on community-building and storytelling. As hard as it is to predict which NFT projects will make it through the current bear market, CyberBrokers certainly has the right approach to doing just that.

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