Damien Hirst Launches New NFT Project With ‘The Beautiful Paintings

Photo of Damien Hirst standing in front of art

Celebrated British artist Damien Hirst  NFT artist is known for his groundbreaking works in the art world, has teamed up with the innovative HENI platform to release his iconic spin paintings, “The Beautiful Paintings”. The new release sees the paintings as both NFTs and physical artworks. For a limited time, art collectors have the opportunity to personalize their own spin art, choosing from various colors, styles, sizes, and shapes.

Photo of Damien Hirst NFT standing in front of art

Damien Hirst Launches New NFT Project With ‘The Beautiful Paintings

Damien Hirst NFT: The Collaboration

The collaboration between Damien Hirst NFT artist and HENI aims to dissolve the barrier between digital and physical art. It does so by utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce eye-catching and memorable paintings. Hirst has been experimenting with spin art for nearly three decades. He also draws inspiration from Abstract Expressionism and employs a machine to pour colors onto rotating canvases. The process results in unpredictable movements and color interplay.

In a novel approach, Hirst’s new spin art masterpieces can be customized. Yes, customized by collectors themselves musing “The Beautiful Paintings” interface on the HENI platform. This allows buyers to select their preferred palette of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes, ensuring that each piece is unique and distinctive.

The Damien Hirst NFT Minting Process

When creating their own “The Beautiful Painting,” collectors can choose from 25 different artwork styles. Once satisfied with their selections, they can purchase either a physical or digital (NFT) copy, or both. The minting process began on March 31 and will continue until April 10. The team will print the physical artwork on canvas which Hirst will sign himself.

The NFTs cost $2,000, while the physical versions range from $1,500 to $6,000. It depends on the size of the canvas chosen. In addition to Damien Hirst’s NFT customizable paintings, ten lucky Hirst fans have the chance to win a painting created by the artist himself. Notably, he competition began two days ago and will end on April 9 at 11:59 pm (PST), providing a limited window for interested participants to sign up.

Revolutionizing Art Ownership

Damien Hirst’s NFT collaboration with HENI marks an exciting development. It bridges the gap between digital and physical art. Collectors Can personalize their own spin art. Moreover, the special promotion offering the chance to win a painting by Hirst, “The Beautiful Paintings” will become another iconic series in the artist’s repertoire. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of art history.

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