Dancing Seahorse: Your Ticket to the Ultimate NFT-powered Music Experiences

What if you could gain access to exclusive NFT-powered concerts, festivals, and clubs worldwide? If the thought alone gets you excited, then Dancing Seahorse is for you. This ambitious Web3 project combines virtual perks with real-life unforgettable experiences. In fact, the project is well underway, shortly announcing a string of VIP concert experiences, while finalizing the first of many global clubs, all starting with Hollywood Boulevard.

From financial rewards to music festival experiences and an exclusive marketplace, this project is all about the community. The debut NFTs drop on September 19th, so let’s find out more about them right now!

image of four Dancing Seahorse NFTs

Dancing Seahorse is a new NFT project bringing long-term, real-life utility to its holders.

What is Dancing Seahorse?

In essence, Dancing Seahorse is a NFT project offering outstanding real-life utility. Its debut collection consists of 444 avatar-style NFTs titled “Legendary Seahorses”. In terms of design, each collectible is a 3D 4K render featuring +800 hand-modelled traits compiled into each unique design.

All of the NFTs have different rarity scores bringing surprise perks to their holders. The collection will drop on September 12th for $100k per piece.

Surprisingly, the team has already planned a secondary drop too. Accordingly, there will be 8,888 brand new generative 3D Seahorse NFTs. In addition to the design found in Legendary Seahorses, these collectibles will also feature new clothing and accessories. This collection is dubbed “Premium Seahorses” and will drop on October 20th for the wider community.

All in all, both collections offer never-before-seen perks to their community, so let’s check them out!

image of the Dancing Seahorse club entry on Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard

Each NFT holder will gain access to the project’s club located in the heart of Los Angeles!

How can you join the Dancing Seahorse Hollywood Boulevard club?

To begin with, each Premium NFT holder will gain access to the Dancing Seahorse members-only club. Located on LA’s iconic Hollywood Boulevard, this venue will bring top performers and events to their holders.

According to the founding team, the club is almost ready to welcome its community. Three top artists with +50M followers have already confirmed their presence at the club. In addition, Legendary Seahorse holders will gain lifetime VIP access to more exclusive artist performances and events.

Surprisingly, this is just the beginning! Over the next year, the project founders promise to open more clubs all around the world. Of course, NFT holders will gain access to each location and connect with fellow community members.

images showing Dancing Seahorse NFTs with various traits

Dancing Seahorse NFT holders will benefit from a dedicated marketplace, secondary sales funds, and more.

Does Dancing Horse offer other NFT perks too?

Absolutely. For example, the team is currently working on a music-dedicated NFT marketplace. The platform, set to launch by the end of 2022, allows music artists to connect with their fans via the latest Web3 tech.

By Q1 2023, the project founders will drop Dancing Seahorse’s official crypto token. Accordingly, holders will be able to use the coin for marketplace trading, merch, and even event tickets from major record labels.

Finally, the Dancing Horse team will save 2% of all secondary NFT sales for the community fund. Then, Premium and Legendary NFT holders can decide how it’s used for their benefit!

Who is the team behind the project?

Of course, a project as ambitious as Dancing Seahorse wouldn’t be possible without a powerful founding team. Currently, there are over 30 specialists working to bring the project to perfection. In fact, the project CEOs Alex Nahai and Andy Nematalia have years of experience in the music and tech industry to bring their vision to life.

In addition, the project’s main partners are:

  • Adaptive Media for the Marketplace & Crypto Token development;
  • Velvet Badger for the creative brand strategy;
  • Cradle Block for blockchain tech;
  • StreamLine for their global music streaming features.

Together, these experienced experts are ready to enrich the Web3 music niche and bring real value to each NFT holder.


If you’re ready to join this amazing project, mint your Dancing Seahorse NFT on the official website! Remember: Legendary NFTs drop on September 19th and the Premium collection launches on November 20th. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord channel for exclusive updates!