Danny Cole’s “Crowd” Collection Just Sold 38K NFTs

The latest addition to the NFT open edition trend is Danny Cole’s “Crowd” via his Creature World NFT project – selling upwards of 38,045 editions. The Crowd collection is hosted on OpenSea and is currently the most talked about the project in the space.  At 0.029 ETH per NFT, the digital collectible open edition mints amassed over 1,103 ETH (~ $1.7 million)!

a picture of Danny Cole's unique generative project "Crowd" NFT

What is Creature World’s “Crowd” NFT Project?

Creature World’s “Crowd” is a new take on the current trend of open editions, and is a collection of generative art. It features “Creatures” of various colors combined in infinitely unique ways. This was an open edition collection, open for 24 hours. Moreover, it is also the first generative open edition to be launched on OpenSea, ensuring each NFT is completely unique. What makes this drop unique is that collectors can mint as many NFTs as they desire within the 24-hour window. The collection demonstrates that despite our endless color variations, we are all the same creatures. Each generation represents a distinctive color combination, making “Crowd” a truly unique experience for Creature World fans and collectors.

For the project, Creature World’s team utilized a distinct algorithm that combines their identifiable art style with various color palettes and other differences. The generative script ensures that the art is both visually appealing and consistent in its color scheme. Additionally, Creature World has launched its inaugural fashion line, “Migration.” This marks the brand’s debut in the fashion industry. Moreover, the fashion pieces are entirely crafted in-house without any external brand collaborations, sticking to its ‘true to web3’ spirit.

More About Creature World by Danny Cole

Creature World is an NFT platform that launched its Migration clothing collection in February 2023. The collection releases in three parts. The first drop, exclusively for Creature World NFT holders, was on February 15th, and for the public on February 16th.

The second and third drops are scheduled for March and April. The collection is also carefully curated to showcase Creature World’s unique artistic vision. It also aims to expand the brand’s creative footprint. Furthermore, the team aims to make the Creature World universe accessible to fans through various mediums, including clothing, art exhibitions, and digital items.

Danny Cole states that his cartoon universe spans multiple media and NFTs are just one way for people to experience this universe. The Crowd NFT project is his proof that NFTs and art can exist for the sheer sake of enjoyment and fun.

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