Data Shows Massive Selling On Bitcoin (BTC); DTX Presale Shocks Investors With Continued Inflows

Data Shows Massive Selling On Bitcoin (BTC); DTX Presale Shocks Investors With Continued Inflows

CryptoQuant’s report from June 12, 2024, noted that Bitcoin transfers from mining pools to exchanges have reached a two-month high. Specifically, transferred over 3,000 BTC to Binance in a single hour on June 9.

Additionally, several major US Bitcoin mining companies are selling off substantial portions of their BTC. Marathon Digital, for instance, sold 1,400 BTC in the first half of June, representing nearly 8% of its total Bitcoin holdings.

Amid this development, DTX Exchange’s presale is setting new standards in the crypto space. The platform seeks to surpass other blockchain platforms through its substantial innovations. As DTX’s presale Stage 3 approaches, savvy investors are banking on this presale token for high returns.

Bitcoin Sell-Off Surges: Data Reveals Market Shift 

BTC has encountered considerable selling pressure after the Bitcoin Halving 2024 event. According to CryptoQuant’s June 12, 2024 report, BTC transfers from mining pools to exchanges have reached an ATH in two months. Notably, the hourly BTC transfer from to Binance exceeded 3,000 BTC on June 9. 

Additionally, several large US-based Bitcoin mining companies have decided to sell off a significant portion of their BTC holdings. Marathon Digital, for instance, sold 1,400 BTC during the first half of June, nearly 8% of the company’s total Bitcoin holdings.

This trend stems from the massive decrease in daily BTC mining revenues after Bitcoin completed its fourth halving event on April 19. Daily miner revenues dropped to approximately $35 million, a 55% decline from the March high of $78 million. 

Despite Bitcoin’s halving in 2024, the network’s hash rate only dipped by 3.69%, from 622 EH/s to 599 EH/s. Experts attribute Bitcoin miners’ increased selling to the asset’s lagging price performance in early June. 

BTC hit a monthly low of $65,056 on June 14, representing an 11.78% dip from its ATH of $73,750 recorded in March. As investors seek more rewarding crypto options, presale tokens like DTX are gaining attention. 

DTX empowers investors by providing direct access to diverse trading opportunities and leveraging data analytics to make informed decisions. This approach enhances transparency, reduces costs by cutting out intermediaries, and improves investment control.

Bitcoin miners’ selling activity and the emergence of promising coins like DTX underscore the crypto market’s dynamic nature. As investors navigate these shifts, they’ll closely monitor established assets and innovative projects with future potential.

DTX Exchange Investors Anticipate Massive Gains  

With crypto enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next crypto bull run, experts point to top altcoins that could yield significant profits. Among these tokens, DTX stands out as a potential game-changer.

DTX Exchange, a newcomer to the market, is already making waves and attracting investors in droves. The platform offers over 120,000 assets, unmatched leverage, and automated trading strategies.

Additionally, DTX Exchange combines traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) assets on a single platform. Its native ERC-20 token, DTX, enhances investment returns through staking and arbitrage capabilities. 

The ongoing public presale has attracted investors, with the second round raising over $700,000 within days. With remarkable performance in Stages 1 and 2 of its presale, DTX holds huge potential for growth in the upcoming presale and upon launch.

A recent crypto crash has seen prices plummet in the general market, and investors are seeking tokens that promise growth and high returns. DTX ticks all these boxes, positioning it as a prime coin to invest in today. 

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