DC Comics Launch Their Own NFT Marketplace

Image of the DC Comics NFT universe

The legendary comic book publishing company DC Comics is launching an NFT marketplace. In a remarkable move, they have announced a beta version of the marketplace that is now live. The first few projects, including ‘The DC Bat Cowl collection’, are now available online. There are enormous plans for the vast ecosystem of DC Comics, and the introduction of the beta marketplace is just the beginning.

Image of the DC Comics NFT universe

The DC Comics NFT marketplace beta is now live!

DC Comics has big plans for its NFT marketplace.

For 87 years, DC Comics has been hugely influential in the comic book industry and across popular culture. The team at DC created some of the most popular superheroes of all time, including Batman and Superman. These are characters that are legendary and known worldwide.

Now, as DC Comics explores the NFT space, these characters and the broader ecosystem will also get to live on the blockchain. The first collections are DC FanDome 2021 NFTs, AMC ‘The Batman’ Posters, The DC Bat Cowl Collection and Gotham City Knightwatch District Sigil NFTs.

Additionally, DC is using the Palm network for its NFT ecosystem. Palm provides low gas costs and high-speed transaction finality.

Have a say in the direction of a Batman comic

Amazingly, people who buy the ‘DC Bat Cowl Collection‘ will also help to shape a future edition of the Batman comic. The 20,000 NFT holders will vote on the storyline, characters and art for the DC Comics magazine. Finally, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At $300, there is a tremendous amount of utility on offer.

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