Deadfellaz Latest NFT IP Offering Goes Live: Streamingfellaz

Deadfellaz, the Web3 brand renowned for its PFP collection, just unveiled a new innovative extension of its IP, “Streamingfellaz”. This extension empowers the collectors, affectionately known as “The Horde,” to manifest their digital identities through video streaming.

A screenshot of a video game streaming showcasing a Streamingfellaz by deadfellaz

Streamingfellaz is an extension of the Deadfellaz IP allowing collectors to bring their digital identity to life through video streaming.

What is Streamingfellaz?

Streamingfellaz will permit PFP collectors to express their Deadfellaz personas during virtual calls, live streams, and pre-recorded video content. It uses a technology that brings the PFP character to life by emulating the user’s movements and expressions. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Google Meet, and Zoom are all optimized for this utility.

“Expression of digital identity is the cornerstone of the Deadfellaz brand, and today’s launch of Streamingfellaz is a continuation of our mission to provide resources and creative extensions to our collectors that allow them to express themselves as their avatar anywhere,” said Betty, CEO & Co-Founder of DFZ LABS.

“So many of our collectors have an emotional connection to their PFP. We need to foster that connection by providing tools that allow our wildly creative community access to empowerment of expression – without needing to have the technical skills.” 

Dead Chanel, who was part of a select group of beta testers that experimented with their Streamingfellaz to create content over the recent weeks, shared her excitement. “Like many in the Horde: I am my fella, and my fella is me!”, she declared.

“I feel like my fella captures my personality which is a bit extra, a bit snarky, but definitely fly! I’m really excited to see more of the Horde flexing their Streamingfellaz and creating content with them. There is no shortage of talent in the Horde so with these as a weapon in the arsenal of our creatives, I know we’ll start seeing things we never even thought of… in the very best way possible!”

What is Deadfellaz?

Deadfellaz, established by DFZ LABS in 2021, has evolved from a collection of 10,000 zombies into a media brand. It is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10,000 zombie-themed NFTs.

The design is inspired by zombie and horror movies that the founders grew up watching and loving. In addition, 90s animation, streetwear, music, gaming culture, and queer culture influenced the project’s artwork.

A noteworthy aspect of these Zombies is that they are genderless. Therefore, this is a refreshing change compared to the many male-dominated NFT collections in the space.

Deadfellaz promises to further enrich its suite of resources and utility extensions, driving a paradigm shift in immersive storytelling through user-generated content and virtual platforms integration.

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