Deadfellaz NFT: Everything You Need To Know

Since its launch in August last year, Deadfellaz has become one of the top PFP NFT projects in the space. Partly, the NFT collection’s success is all thanks to the efforts of its founders, Betty and Psych. With several sub-collections and brand partnerships, the collection is much loved by its thriving community. So let’s take a deeper look: What is the Deadfellaz NFT project? Who is behind the Deadfellaz project and why is it so popular?

Different green zombies in deadfellaz NFT collection

The Deadfellaz NFT collection includes 10,000 zombie-themed NFTs.

What is Deadfellaz NFT?

Deadfellaz is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10,000 zombie-themed NFTs. Today, the project boasts 6,300 collectors, who are called “the horde”. Besides, the project has amassed around $51 million in sales volume so far, with a floor of 1.39 ETH (nearly $2,500), at the time of writing.

The NFTs in the collection are randomly generated from 300 unique traits. While there aren’t many rare traits, it is the combination of traits that makes a Deadfellaz NFT rare. 

Primarily, the collection takes inspiration from the many zombie and horror movies that the founders grew up watching and loving. In addition, 90s animation, streetwear, music, gaming culture, and queer culture as well influenced the project’s artwork. Ultimately, the results are little green zombies that are more adorable than scary—in a good way. 

A noteworthy aspect of these Zombies is that they are genderless. This is a refreshing change compared to the many male-dominated NFT collections in the space.

“Prior to our launch, I just didn’t see anything that represented that spectrum of gender at all,” Betty told NFTevening in a recent interview. “It was either mostly male traits or one or two female traits. But then they would be really leaning into the stereotypes and sometimes, almost borderline offensive. So I felt like something needed to change, and I wanted to bring that to the space.”

Who created the Deadfellaz NFT Collection?

Two anonymous creators, “Betty” and “Psych”, launched the collection in August 2021. In fact, Betty is a popular figure in the NFT space and is known as the “Horde Mother”. Recently, she revealed her true identity through an exclusive interview with NFTevening

Betty in a leopard printed dress and knitted jacket

Betty, co-founder of the Deadfellaz NFT collection.

Betty and her husband, Psych launched Deadfellaz due to their passion for NFTs. Besides, at the time, while there were several other NFT projects, none of these were something Betty “wanted to represent” herself with.

“I didn’t feel like I saw myself in anything that was available,” she told NFTevening. “And I’m a strong believer in identifying gaps or things that you wish existed and then set out to bring those things to reality. Because I think that if you’re feeling that then other people must be feeling that too.”

Why Are Deadfellaz So Popular?

One of the primary reasons for Deadfellaz NFT’s popularity is the team’s active pursuits and commitment to the project. Moreover, celebrity endorsements from the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Steve Aoki, Lil Baby, and Pussy Riot have added to its popularity. Even Gary Vee recently bought a Deadfellaz NFT!

Next are the many utilities that come with owning a Deadfellaz. From limited-edition merch drops, mini-games, and puzzles to partnerships with some big brands, the project offers many added perks to the collectors. Additionally, it has released several NFT sub-collections:

Deadfellaz Infected S1

Deadfellaz Infected S1 is a limited edition of 169 NFTs featuring 13 unique sets of ‘infected’ Deadfellaz. These were created in collaboration with 13 different artists as part of the Halloween 2021 celebrations. The participating artists included Ghxsts, Cool Cats, Smoochies, Stephy Fung, and MarktheHabibi.

Betty Pop Horror

During the 2021 Halloween season, Deadellaz dropped another collection, called Betty Pop Horror on Nifty Gateway. It showcased 225 NFTs featuring Betty as reimaginations of classic pop horror icons. 

Different Betty Pop Horror avatars on Opensea for sale

Betty Pop Horror collection on OpenSea. Credit: OpenSea

DeadFellaz Deadfrenz

Finally, early this year, the project dropped its companion collection, Deadfrenz. There are 13,000 Deadfrenz NFTs in all, featuring 13 animal species. These include Tiger, Cat, Toad, Snake, Bat, and Bird, among others. All original Deadfellaz holders could mint a frenz for free in January 2022.

deadfrenz lizard type with crossed eyes and a black choker

Deadfrenz also allows the holder membership to “the horde”.

DeadFellaz Partnerships

Apart from its multiple sub-collections, Deadfellaz has also inked several important partnerships. For instance, it recently signed with the global talent, entertainment and sports company, UTA. The move will see the project expanding into brand partnerships, merchandising, and gaming. 

In addition, the collection collaborated with American snowboard and ski manufacturer Gilson, to drop 1-of-1 physical snowboards and skis. It has also partnered with Jadu, Neuno, and Known Origin. 

A man holding a Deadfellaz x Gilson snowboards

Deadfellaz x Gilson

How to Buy a Deadfellaz NFT

Obviously, as the Deadfellaz NFT collection is now sold out, your best bet is to pick something up from secondary markets. Leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare are good options for this. 

But, as one of the leading NFT projects in the spaces, there will be several fake projects out there. Therefore, always make sure to buy from collections that are verified on the marketplaces. 

What is Deadfellaz Worth?

By current market standards, the cheapest NFT in the collection will cost you about 1.3ETH, which at the time of writing is $2,555. However – obviously – the rarer NFTs will cost you much more. Some of the most expensive NFTs in the collection, like #1054 sold for around $125,000 at the time.

Alternatively, you can join the Deadfellaz ecosystem for a slightly less price by buying one of the sub-collections. Currently, the cheapest Betty Pop and Deadfrenz costs around $990 and $340, respectively.

The Future of the Project

Recently, Deadfellaz changed its strategy a bit by scrapping roadmaps to focus on dev blogs and releasing access on completion of “checkpoints”. Soon, the project will launch its own DAO, DAO OF THE DEAD. It will also expand its metaverse presence by building more partnerships. 

All in all, Deadfellaz is one of the promising and ever-evolving NFT projects in the space. Now that you know what the Deadfellaz PFP project is all about and why it is so popular, you can browse secondary markets to get your own. But, as always, DYOR!

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