About The Head5 NFT Collection by Deadmau5

Already one of the most active musicians in the non-fungible space, a brand new deadmau5 NFT collection has just landed comprising 5,555 generative 3D avatar heads. The series, known as head5, is a collaboration with crypto artist Nick DenBoer III, AKA Smearballs.

The Head5 NFT collection significantly expands the deadmau5 metaverse

The heads come in all manner of designs, from ghoulish bats to psychedelic acid veterans. Each can live on a Ready Player Me avatar, with support coming from across all NFT-enabled apps linked to the platform. More than 400 metaverse integrations are already possible, with minting taking place on Polygon blockchain.

Token holders will receive the unique model, plus a high-res 4K render, and game-ready avatar. And that’s not all. More bonus content is being promised down the line, billed as “exciting new mau5 projects and integrations 5ever”.

It’s already possible to view your collectible using a custom-made 3D tool, allowing close inspection of the NFT and work that went into conceiving, designing, and creating it. Owners will also get to choose and change the background colour, and take still pictures of the token.

deadmau5 NFT Collection Traits

As with many avatar-based NFT collections, the new deadmau5 series centres on ‘traits’, which combine to make each token unique. In this instance, variables are linked to the skull, eyes, ears, and mouth. Simply put, these are the parts of the head5 models that change with each version. However, there are also some hidden extras waiting to be found. Not least five so-called ‘Jokers’, which come with traits that do not appear on standard head5s.

head5 deadmau5 Smearballz tweet

The Head5 collection has been designed by Smearballz

Each head5 token is being sold through head5.io, and costs 0.15ETH, or around $680. OpenSea will be handling secondary market sales. The series is inspired by the video to deadmau5’s track ‘Pomegranate’, which DenBoer directed. The original clip features various creatures defined by different animal heads. These characters race against each other in flying cars that can sprout legs and wings.

deadmau5 and NFTs

Whereas the vast majority of musicians are only just starting to understand NFTs, deadmau5 is what you might call an early adopter. Already this year he has been involved in six NFT projects. Elsewhere, a further 12 also come with deadmau5 branding.

For example, some time ago he unveiled deadmau5: Series 1, a collection of NFT cards. Of course, this sold out quickly — in 36 hours no less — which is particularly impressive when you consider this was well before the non-fungible boom. A follow up, deadmau5: Series 2, then arrived in August. Amazingly, cards from both have been selling for up to $10,000 on secondary markets. Giving some idea as to just how active he has been, more recently, the artist announced a partnership with The Sandbox, and limited edition NFT drop for Blankos Block Party.





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