Deadmau5′ Sandbox Partnership: Everything you need to know!

an image of Deadmau5 in his iconic mouse hat during as concert.

Deadmau5, the groundbreaking electronic music sensation, is once again shaking things up. The award-winning artist has announced a new partnership with Sandbox. Deadmau5 continues to immerse himself in the NFT world. The artist is no stranger to the NFT world; he has released numerous NFT collections. Notably, he has previously purchased LAND in Sandbox, the powerful virtual world platform.

an image of Deadmau5 in his iconic mouse hat during as concert.

Deadmau5 has announced a new partnership with The Sandbox, including a collection of NFTs.

This weekend saw Deadmau5 in action in Miami. In ‘Day of the deadmau5’, the internationally acclaimed producer hosted a special event for his fans. At the same time, The Mau5hop pop-up store opened, allowing fans to meet the artist. There was also a collection of exclusive merchandise, an art gallery and NFT giveaways.

five of the pixelated deadmau5 heads that will feature in head5

Head5 is the official name of the new Deadmau5 NFT collection.

Fans of the famous artist can now look forward to head5. This is the name of the collection of NFTs in partnership with The Sandbox. There is no official date for the release yet, but the collection will feature several iconic mouse heads. However, Sandbox did state, “Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership. You might see more on deadmau5 sooner than you expect”.

It is no surprise that someone as revolutionary as Deadmau5 finds himself at the heart of this new NFT age. The Sandbox has partnered with many famous artists during the past year, including massive stars like Snoop Dogg. The company has a vision for a metaverse as a completely immersive shared digital space that will allow for creativity to be stretched and explored.


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