Decentraland Introduces Custom Emotes For Creators To Make and Sell

graphic showcasing the decentraland custom emotes

Decentraland has just introduced custom Emotes for its creators. Just like wearables, creators will be able to create unique Emotes. These can be anything from dance moves to dramatic poses. Not only that, but creators can also sell the emotes as NFTs on the Decentraland Marketplace.

graphic showcasing the decentraland custom emotes

Custom Emotes first launched during Metaverse Fashion Week.

Decentraland custom Emotes: What we know so far

At present, 19 base Emotes are available for free for any player on Decentraland. However, in addition to these base Emotes, there will now be custom Decentraland Emotes that you can create, sell and buy on the Decentraland Marketplace.

NFT Emotes first made their appearance during Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week earlier this year. In addition to this event, celebrities (such as Thalia) collaborated with Decentraland on branded Emotes. Now, Emotes are entering the creator marketplace. Therefore, everyone can now create and sell their Emotes.

Decentraland announced that creators can show off their custom Emotes during the Metaverse Music Festival. Additionally, the Decentraland Foundation will host an Emote contest in the lead-up to the event. The exact details will be announced soon.

About Decentraland

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world – or metaverse – where users can buy plots of land as NFT using the in-game crypto token MANA. It is overseen by the Decentraland Foundation, which is a non-profit.

Decentraland has been in development since 2015 – however, it reached peak popularity in 2021. In April 2021, Decentraland plots were selling for thousands of dollars. The year, Decentraland partnered with brands such as Samsung, Adidas, and Atari, which all have headquarters in Decentraland. Undoubtedly, the Decentraland custom Emotes will continue to increase the game’s playability element.

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