Destiny and AI: Chen Man’s Powerful NFT Collection Featuring Grimes

Grimes on set with Chen man

World-famous photographer Chen Man is bringing her talents to Web3. Her upcoming NFT collection will feature singer/cultural phenomenon Grimes in s series of never-before-seen images. What can we expect from Chen Man’s NFT release?

Grimes on set with Chen man

Grimes on the photoshoot with Chen Man. IMG Credit: LiveArt.

The ‘Silent Noise’ NFT Collection

The project will drop on LiveArt, an analytics and NFT trading-focused platform, in collaboration with iv Gallery, a major player in the art industry with over $60m in art sales. The collection is titled “Silent Noise: Episode 01” and explores humanity’s future in a world increasingly intertwined with AI. Fans will have first access to it on May 24.

The project will challenge artist norms using immersive storytelling and digital forms only possible through NFT technology. Each “Silent Noise” NFT will offer opportunities for collectors to earn $ART token rewards, attend photoshoots, and even receive a 1/1 artwork.

The photos will feature Grimes in various futuristic settings. The collection will contain 500 individual NFTs priced at $100 each. Furthermore, this release will part of a larger episodic series that Chen Man will continue to iterate on into the future.

Grimes is the subject of Chen Man's new NFT collection

Silent Noise: Episode 01 features Grimes in a futuristic world
Image Credit: Chen Man

Who is Chen Man?

Chen Man was dubbed the “Chinese Annie Leibovitz” by New York Times. She is known for combining the legacy world of traditional fashion photography with modern-day tropes of digital identity and technological advancements.  Furthermore, her work has appeared in various magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Muse.

Additionally, she has also photographed iconic celebrities including David Beckham and Rihanna. Man has also contributed work for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior. As a result of this high-profile work, her photographs regularly fetch prices over $25,000.

Finally, she continues to build upon her impressive resume with her first NFT drop set to release today.

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