Deviantart’s Loish claims her art was stolen for NFTs & OpenSea should help

picture depicts NFT

Unfortunately, NFT forgeries are increasing day by day at popular marketplaces. Digital artist Lois van Baarle, also known as Loish, stated in a recent tweet that “132 instances” of her artwork are minted as NFTs in Opensea.

picture depicts NFT

2022 calendar curated by Loish
Image Credit : Deviantart

Sadly, to remove these NFTs, the artist would need to write individual emails to OpenSea. This matter exposes the various limitations of NFT platforms.

While NFTs are all about authenticity, marketplaces have taken no major steps to protect original artworks from plagiarism.

Loish and the recent incident

Van Baarle is famous for her stylized paintings and presentation of her characters with a blend of animation and colours.

Picture depicts Loish artwork

Image Credit: Loish

Besides, Loish stated that “it takes about two seconds to find a wealth of incredibly hateful and bigoted NFTs on OpenSea. But the larger problem has to do with the market dynamics underpinning the entire NFT ecosystem.”

She further listed the drawbacks of the current system in major marketplaces. Firstly, she pointed out how smart contacts are still not useful for determining the authenticity of NFT. Secondly, marketplaces such as Rarible should provide a “verified” check-mark on the page of the creator.

Furthermore, Loish went on to tweet, “so yeah. I’m shaking with anger because I’m so sick of this. I want these platforms to implement a faster and more intuitive method of reporting copyright infringement, and a VERIFICATION SYSTEM so that people can’t just go uploading other people’s work.

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Image Credit: Loish

It’s disheartening to see how the lack of a proper verification system is leading to several thefts in the NFT space. Meanwhile, you can check out Loish’s incredible work at Deviant Art.

We hope NFT marketplaces take this matter into consideration and understand the depth of the issue.

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