DigiDaigaku Genesis: The Anime NFT Project On The Rise

For fans of anime NFT collections, the DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT project is hard to miss. While it launched as a stealth mint in 2022, it made headlines after its $6.5 million Super Bowl ad early this month. Reportedly, this drove the NFT’s prices up to about 10 ETH at the time.

So, what is the DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT project all about? More importantly, why is there so much hype?

What is DigiDaigaku NFT?

DigiDaigaku Genesis is a collection of 2022 unique NFT characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. From “soulful singing” to “gravity defying skateboarding”, these characters have a range of talents. According to its OpenSea description, “Currently, DigiDaigaku characters live in a mysterious world unknown to outsiders, but in time, exciting details about their world will be revealed.”

The Genesis collection launched as free-to-mint NFTs on 9 August, 2022. Then, a host of sub-collections followed suit. Firstly, there are the Crafting Collections featuring different NFT collections that can be used to create other characters. The Crafting Collections include Spirits, Dark Spirits, Dark Hero Spirits, Villain Potions, Super Villain Potions, and Masked Villains. 

With the help of these, holders can create other characters: Heroes, Super Villains, and Villains. DigiDaigaku Heroes, for example, are created by merging a genesis NFT and a Spirit or by burning the Spirit. The unique Hero will have 1 of 4 bloodlines. 

Finally, there are also the Adventure Key collections, which serve as utility tokens for different activations. For instance, DigiDaigaku Genesis Adventure Key Castaways helps holders play the Castaways game as a particular DigiDaigaku Genesis character.

a female anime avatar of DigiDaigaku Genesis nft with pink hair

Learn all about the he DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT collection in this guide!

Who created DigiDaigaku Genesis?

DigiDaigaku Genesis is the first NFT project by the blockchain gaming company, Limit Break. The company was founded by acclaimed game designers, Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. Nakagawa is the former founder and CTO of the gaming studio, Machine Zone. On the other hand, Leydon is a Web3 game developer, performance marketer, and Machine Zone’s former CEO. 

How expensive are DigiDaigaku NFTs?

Currently, the Digidaigaku Genesis NFTs have a floor of 8.5 ETH, or about $14,100 (at the time of writing). However, rarer NFTs in the collection will cost much higher. DigiDaigaku Genesis #1632, for example, is currently the highest-selling NFT in the collection. About four months ago, it sold for a whopping 200 ETH or about $260,000 at the time. Several other NFTs in the collection have fetched between 25 ETH and 59 ETH. 

a female anime avatar of DigiDaigaku Genesis nft with pink hair and sparkling background

DigiDaigaku #1632 fetched 200 ETH! Credit: OpenSea

How can I buy a DigiDaigaku NFT?

Since the DigiDaigaku Genesis NFTs are now sold out, your best bet is to buy them from secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. However, these will be much more expensive than what they originally cost. That said, as previously mentioned, DigiDaigaku is constantly releasing new NFT collections. So, make sure to keep an eye on the project’s website to avoid missing any new drops. 

Perks and Benefits of This Anime NFT

One of the main reasons for the hype around DigiDaigaku Genesis NFTs is the team behind it. Machine Zone is well-known for its past games, including Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike, and World War Rising. So, naturally, blockchain gaming is one of the perks that come with the Digidaigaku PFPs.

DigiDaigaku has a dedicated ‘Adventure Hub’ which currently offers two blockchain games: Castaways and EtherOrcs. DigiDaigaku Genesis holders can play the games as their characters. For this, they have to first connect their crypto wallets to the website. 

Furthermore, the team has several ‘Quests’ in place for NFT holders. These range from unmasking villains to crafting potions. According to the project, these quests will help the anime characters to “embark on a search for victory, glory and untold rewards.”

About DigiDaigaku NFT Super Bowl Ad

Although everything was going seemingly well for DigiDaigaku, its ambitious Super Bowl ad put the project in trouble. Firstly, DigiDaigaku was the only NFT ad featured at Superbowl 57. Naturally, everyone had huge expectations from it. However, it turned out to be a huge disappointment. 

To explain, the ad featured a QR code, scanning which, viewers would be taken to a site to claim one of the 10,000 free NFTs. And therein began the trouble. Firstly, only a few people were able to mint the NFTs due to technical glitches. Reportedly, when many scanned the QR code, they were redirected to Leydon’s Twitter account. 

Secondly, only those who had an Ethereum wallet were able to mint the NFTs, if at all. This made the NFTs inaccessible to the hundreds of thousands of people watching the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, those who were able to claim it were able to flip it for several hundred dollars. 

Despite the poor reception of the ad, Leydon still sees the ad as a success. The team has also dropped 5,000 free NFT Dragon Eggs. According to the project’s website, these are still available to claim.

All things considered, the DigiDaigaku NFTs had a promising start. With the Super Bowl mishap, it remains to be seen how it will rise back up, if at all. After all, its floor has dropped significantly from the January high of 11.4 ETH.

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