Dippies NFT Collection: What Is It All About?

Calling all Digital Web3 Hippies, the Dippies NFT collection might be just the community for you! This super fun and creative NFT project blends hippy nostalgia with the values and ethos of Web3, in a collection of profile-ready avatars. So without further ado, let’s learn all about the Dippies NFT collection.

Dippies NFT Twitter banner

The Dippies NFT collection is the PFP project for the digital hippies in the Web3 space. Credit: Dippies

What is the Dippies NFT collection?

First things first – what exactly is a Dippie? Well, Dippies comes from “digital hippies”. This idea is really the foundation of the Dippies NFT project. Dippies are simply modern-day hippies – sharing the same values but reflecting modern sensibilities and the possibilities that technology provides.

As the project website explains,

“Our goal when creating the Dippies collection was to commemorate the initial ideas of hippies that we all have, while adding a modern flare. We wanted to create characters that oozed originality and funk, while inspiring you, the community to stand up and create a world you believe in.”

The 8,888-piece Dippies NFT collection features the generative aspect of most popular NFT PFP avatar collections. That is to say that each Dippie was algorithmically generated from a collection of traits that the artist created. There are 19 different base “Types” of Dippie, with the human avatar being by far the most common. Some of the rarer type traits include Zombie, Leaf, Robot, Tree, and Alien.

Looking at the art, it’s not hard to see how Dippies was able to expand to a holder base of nearly 6,000 people. Indeed, its vibrant, colorful art style calls to mind the playful aesthetics of some hugely popular NFT collections like Cool Cats and Doodles.

The Dippies NFT team

Dippies was co-founded by a social media content creator and an artist.

Who created the Dippies NFTs?

The Dippies NFT collection comes from a two-person founding team. The “Founding Dippie” is a young man named Salman Sharaf. The web3 enthusiast and content creator actually has quite a sizable social media following. In particular, he has about 240K followers on Tik Tok, and 32.7K on Instagram. Evidently, Sharaf came up with Dippies both to combine his passions for web3 and hippie culture, and to have a PFP avatar that resonated with him.

The other half of the Dippies NFT founding team is the Canada-based illustrator and designer, Jonathan Taylor aka Taylor Might. Taylor was particularly inspired by how NFTs gave artists more creative control. He started building the Dippies universe right after that.

Dippies NFT 8321

Dippie #8321 saw the highest secondary sale in the collection, selling for 22.22 ETH.

How to buy a Dippies NFT

Given that we are now well past the original mint for Dippies NFTs, the only way to pick up a Dippies NFT is on the secondary market. You can find the Dippies NFT collection on both major Ethereum NFT marketplaces, OpenSea and LooksRare.

At the time of writing, the cheapest price you can buy a Dippies NFT is 0.24 ETH, although the range of list prices stretches all the way into the tens, and even hundreds, of ETH.

On OpenSea, where the bulk of Dippies NFT trades happen, the collection has seen 8.5K ETH in secondary volume. That equates to about $15 million at current prices.

Speaking of secondary sales, the most expensive secondary sales for a Dippie happened about a week after its mint. At that time, Dippie #8321 sold for 22.22 ETH. Unsurprisingly, it is the rarest NFT in the collection according to Rarity Sniper’s rankings.

The future of the Hippy-inspired NFT collection looks bright

All things considered, Dippies NFT has built a very solid foundation in the three months since its mint. And it’s far from finished building. On the contrary, its current roadmap boasts a number of really exciting initiatives for the Dippies community.

Most pressing of all is Dippies upcoming companion drop. Tomorrow, June 7, each Dippie NFT holder will be able to claim their very own Van. The team says that these Van NFTs will be keys to the Dippieverse. Not to mention that they will give holders access to the upcoming “DippieRaces” P2E game.

To learn more about this fun and growing NFT project, you can check out its website for info and links to its social pages.

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