Dmitri Cherniak Exhibits “Light Years” Collection at Paris Photo

Starting today, Canadian artist Dmitri Cherniak will exhibit his generative art collection “Light Years” at Paris Photo, an international art fair. The collection consists of 100 unique NFTs, each accompanied by a physical silver gelatin print. Additionally, the collection will debut in Paris from November 10 to 13.

Dmitri Light Years

Prominent artist Dmitri Cherniak exhibits his generative art collection, “Light Years,” at Paris Photo. Credit: Fellowship

What are the collection details and how can I own one?

Dedicated to the father of Dmitri, Light Years is a project that’s being released in partnership with the estate of László Moholy-Nagy. As Dmitri travelled around the world, he developed the artworks in this collection while researching the memorable Hungarian artist, Moholy-Nagy. When asked how Moholy-Nagy’s work inspired Dmitri, he said the following:

“Moholy-Nagy is a pioneering artist, thinker, and educator that I admired well before Light Years was conceived, so when I was given the opportunity to dig into his archives and writings I jumped at the opportunity.”

Moreover, to own a Light Year NFT one must own a Selection Pass. The Passes will be available through a dutch auction on this website on Dec 1 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT-8). The price will start at 70 eth and decrease by .2 eth every 12 seconds. A price of 10 eth will remain until the project sells out. It’s worth mentioning that the earlier you enter the auction, the lower the Selection Pass number you will get. The number received will determine the buyer’s priority when selecting which artwork they like. Other details regarding the collection can be found here.

László Moholy-Nagy

Hungarian modernist artist, László Moholy-Nagy. Credit: dezeen

Who’s Dmitri?

Dmitri is a Canadian artist and coder currently living in New York. There have been numerous exhibitions of his generative art around the globe. In addition, Dmitri has immersed himself in the NFT space and has released several collections through Art Blocks. This includes Ringers (2021), The Eternal Pump (2021), and The Wrapture (2021). Interesting enough, Dmitri only started posting his work in 2019. Oh, the power of the internet!


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