DOGAMÍ Alpha Series 2: Everything You Need To Know

Great news for DOGAMÍ enthusiasts: the P2E game finally confirmed its Alpha Series 2 NFT drop! Accordingly, the new collectibles will launch at the end of May.

However, only those who join the cleverly-titled “Dogalist” will be able to mint their own NFTs. With so little time left, here’s everything you should know about the launch.

image featuring three DOGAMÍ NFTs

DOGAMÍ, the popular P2E game, has just revealed exclusive information about its Alpha Series 2 NFT drop. Credits: DOGAMÍ

DOGAMÍ Alpha Series 2: what we know so far

Today, the popular P2E game DOGAMÍ shared details about their Alpha Series 2 NFT drop. To begin with, the collection will bring 5 new breeds to the ecosystem. In total, there will be 4,000 collectibles available for minting. Buyers can get their own NFT using $DOGA, the project’s native currency.

Notably, these digital assets are slightly less valuable than their Alpha Series 1 counterparts. To illustrate, Series 1 NFT holders will receive 15% extra $DOGA tokens for upcoming airdrops. In addition, they will also gain access to events IRL, as well as exclusive accessory NFTs.

Notably, only those who join the DOGALIST will be able to mint the new collectibles. Luckily, the project founders shared some tips on how you can get whitelisted easily.

Twitter screenshot of a DOGAMÍ Alpha Series 2 NFT announcement

The project shared essential information about the drop via social media. Credits: Twitter

How can you join the DOGALIST?

Accordingly, the most important aspect is to be active on the project’s Discord channel. Considering its powerful community, this step is fairly achievable.

Secondly, collectors should become top players in Luffy’s mini-games. These games will launch soon, therefore you need to stay tuned. Meanwhile, users should also participate in the project’s upcoming Doga Missions.

These might be just a few of the ways you can join the DOGALIST. Of course, the founding team will likely give more insights, as the Alpha Series 2 drop date approaches.

digital poster from the DOGAMÍ Petaverse

The DOGAMÍ Alpha Series 2 NFT drop is the next step in the expansion of the Petaverse. Credits: DOGAMÍ

A new step for the innovative P2E experience

In summary, the Alpha Series 2 NFT drop will expand the fascinating possibilities of DOGAMÍ. The Play-to-Earn game quickly gained recognition in the NFT community thanks to its innovation.

Basically, DOGAMÍ is a blockchain game built on the Tezos network. Its NFTs consist of virtual dogs with a total of 300 digital breeds. Players can interact with their virtual pets in the Petaverse, the project’s dedicated metaverse.

In fact, the classic games Tamagotchi and Nintendogs somewhat resemble the concept of this game. However, given the technology of today, these digital pets can also join holders IRL too through Augmented Reality.

Recently, DOGAMÍ received a whopping $500K capital injection from the Tezos Foundation. Other notable supporters of the game are Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, and The Sandbox. All three giants contributed to the project’s $6M funding round reported back in January.

Considering the hype formed in such a short time, DOGAMÍ NFTs will likely explode in popularity through 2022.

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