Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners NFT Release Digital Drip Collection

Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners bear nft

inBetweeners, Dolce&Gabbana, and UNXD are launching a new NFT Drip Collection exclusively on OpenSea. Designed by GianPiero D’Allesandro, the collection features 2,000 digital bears. Notably, each bear wears one of 21 unique Dolce&Gabbana products. What’s more, holders will get exclusive Dolce&Gabbana garments matching their NFTs and a physical print of the collectible. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners NFT drop:

Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners bear nft

Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners NFTs will drop next week.

What is the Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners NFT drop?

The Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners Drip Collection is the second drop from the two Italian groups. The partnership brings together the worlds of fashion and art, as each NFT design is backed by one physical piece reimagined from the Dolce&Gabbana vault. Moreover, holders will be able to redeem the NFTs for a range of Dolce&Gabbana products early next year. This includes knitted caps, backpacks, shirts, jackets, and also hoodies and more. In addition, collectors will get a signed physical print of their NFT artwork. 

Italian Graphic artist, GianPiero hand-drew each inBetweener bear. They are also the sole cartoonist and illustrator at Justin Bieber’s brand, DrewHouse.

“An exclusive GianPiero and Dolce&Gabbana collaboration has been nearly 10 years in the making,” said Dolce&Gabbana co-founder and designer, Stefano Gabbana. “We’re excited to bring it to life through the inBetweeners x Dolce&Gabbana & UNXD Drip Collection. With physical and digital collectibles, the Drip Collection introduces a new era in the world of luxury fashion and art that spreads peace, love, and happiness around the world.”

Finally, inBetweeners is a collection of 10,777 bear NFTs focusing on spreading love and positivity in the world. Created in partnership with OpenSea, the Dolce&Gabbana x inBetweeners Drip Collection will drop at 3:00 pm EST on December 13.

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