Donald Trump Just Released An NFT Collection…Yes, Really.


In a bizarre move, Donald Trump is launching an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. The former President of the United States is celebrating his time as the leader of the free world with the POTUS TRUMP NFT collection. It will come as brilliant news to some, yet others will not be thrilled to see the former President in the NFT space.


Former President Donald Trump launched a collection of 10,000 NFTS this week.

Melania Trump creatively designed the POTUS TRUMP NFT collection. Hopefully, it is better than her dystopian Whitehouse Christmas decorations. She said, “It was an honour to creative direct #POTUSTRUMP #NFT limited edition collection, which features iconic moments from President Trump’s administration.”

The 45th president of the United States is a divisive figure. Trump’s time as President was controversial. Now, the former President is entering the metaverse. The collection aims to give his loyal fans the ability to collect a piece of digital memorabilia. The project celebrates his chaotic four years in office.

What is the POTUS TRUMP collection?

The collection of 10,000 NFTs is now available to buy through the USA Memorabilia website. The project collaborates between Trump, USA Memorabilia and the right-wing social media platform, Parler.

There are five original designs, both gold and platinum NFTS. These NFTs highlight significant milestones during the divisive Trump administration. Each NFT costs $50, and the process is random. Reportedly, you might get any of the following –

  • Mount Rushmore Platinum (edition of 1,000)
  • Mount Rushmore Gold (edition of 1,500)
  • Liberty Platinum (edition of 1,250)
  • Liberty Gold (edition of 1,750)
  • White House Platinum (edition of 750)
  • White House Gold (edition of 1,500)
  • Air Force One Platinum (edition of 500)
  • Air Force One Gold (edition of 1,000)
  • First Lady Platinum (edition of 250)
  • First Lady Gold (edition of 500)

When asked about the NFT collection, Melania Trump said, “I am proud to expand upon my NFT platform and am honoured to be able to recognize important moments in our Nation’s history. I look forward to collaborating with others to offer exceptional, authentic parts of US history.”

Melania Trump's White Hat Digital Artwork NFT

The Trump NFT platform has come under fire for allegedly buying its own NFT.

Melania Trump is building numerous NFT collections

It is not the first collection by the Trump Family. In truth, it is the third on the Trump NFT platform. Since December last year, Melania Trump has been considerably active in the NFT space. Firstly, the Former First Lady launched a website in December. 

Last month, her website revealed that it sold the first NFT in the Head of State Collection, 2022. This NFT included a hat worn during the state visit of the French President to the White House in 2018. It also came with a watercolour painting of her wearing it and the NFT itself. The NFT sold for 1800 SOL, around $170,000.

However, you can’t hide anything on the blockchain, as we know. The NFT space was keen to find out who brought the piece, and a few people followed the address and did some research. The first to publish the data was Motherboard.

It turns out that the address had earlier been funded 1800 SOL from another address. Stranger still, that address was funded by the actual creator of the NFT. After the auction, the NFT creator returned the 1800 SOL to the mediator. This transfer raised a few eyebrows as it is undoubtedly a strange way to buy an NFT.

Basically, Motherboard found out that ”The winner of Melania Trump’s NFT got the money from none other than the creator of the NFT itself, and an address linked to the NFT creator got the money back,” it concluded. Nevertheless, Trump’s office insists this arrangement was for an outside buyer.

It will be interesting to see how many of the Trump NFTs sell and whether they hold any value. It is still an NFT by a Former President for all of the controversies, making it valuable in the future.

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