Doodles Unleashes ‘Pharrell Pack’ Airdrop with Limited Edition Fashion Goodies

Pharrell is helping the Doodles NFT project build in 2023

Pharrell is trying to rescue Doodles. The award-winning singer is leading the pastel-tinted NFT project into a new era. Now, is with working with Doodles and The Stoodio to revamp the brand. So, what exactly is Pharrell doing to help Doodles?

Pharrell is helping the Doodles NFT project build in 2023

Pharrell is bringing his creative genius to NFTs with Doodles 2
Image Credit: Pirelli

What is Pharrell Doing to Help Doodles?

Doodles caught flack recently for stating it is no longer an NFT project. This move backfired horribly at first, but now we’re starting to see the direction the project is moving towards. The collection is abandoning its PFP roots in favor of fully customizable characters with the help of Pharrell and Adidas.

The Doodle 2 Character Builder was just added to the Stoodio app last week. The Character Builder allows holders to pick their avatar’s clothing and traits. Doodles is airdropping 300 “Pharrell Packs” to some lucky holders as part of the roll-out.

The Pharrell Pack features digital apparel from Adidas, Human Made, Billionaire Boys Club, and Ice Cream. Each bundle also contains a token redeemable for one piece of physical apparel. This blending of the physical and digital seems to be part of the project’s strategy moving forward.

The 300 packets will go to Doodle owners who meet certain criteria. To qualify, you must own a Doodles NFT and use the Dooplicator NFT to create digital apparel for your Doodle. Presumably, more than 300 people will qualify for the drop. To solve this problem, the team will conduct a lottery system to pick winners.

Pharrell’s involvement doesn’t end there, however. Julian Holguin, the CEO of Doodles, described Pharrell as “integral” to the collection’s development and mentioned he has “day-to-day influence” over the brand in his role as Chief Brand Officer.

To that point, Pharrell is also producing an album inspired by Doodles. Columbia Records has already agreed to release the record once completed. If Pharrell can capture any of the success of his previous smash hit “Happy”, then this record could bring in a lot of interest to the NFT collection.

What Else is New With Doodles?

After launching in October 2021, Doodles quickly became of one the most successful NFT projects in the space. Collectors loved the artist Burnt Toast’s whimsical characters and the floor price skyrocketed over 10 eth. Since then, however, the project has struggled to meet expectations.

The Doodles' journey is just beginning

Doodles’ eye-catching artwork was an instant hit with NFT buyers
Image Credit: Doodles

Many holders complained about the lack of communication from the team. As the meta shifted towards utility-based projects, Doodles suffered. The project released various new initiatives such as Space Doodles, Dooplicators, and Genesis boxes, but the market did not respond. As of today, the project’s floor price sits at 2.97 ETH.

The team announced Doodles 2 at Consensus 2023. Holders would be able to customize their Doodles with digital clothing and accessories. Doodles 2 runs on the Flow blockchain, a departure from the project’s ETH-based roots.

Once a user adds apparel to their avatar, the NFT then owns the assets on the blockchain level. As a result, holders can sell fully-dressed avatars as a complete package with all clothing items included. Joe Ranzenbach, the head of product management for Doodles, hinted that Doodles has a “pipeline of brand partners” set up for future releases.

Even though Doodles has had a rough stretch lately, they have continued to build throughout the NFT bear market as evidenced by their collaboration with Pharrell and continued pushing of the envelope with Doodles 2.


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