Draftables Web3 Game Puts a City Builder Twist on Football Manager

Draftables Web3 Game Puts a City Builder Twist on Football Manager

If you love video games and sports, you probably play Madden, NHL, 2K, FIFA, or Football Manager. All these games provide deep sports management adventure – blending arcade-style football excitement with the strategy of managing a team. That’s fancy, but Draftables from Web3 studio Draft Labs elevates that experience to a whole new level.

Draftables combines the strategic elements of the NFL with world-building features of games like Clash of Clans or SimCity, allowing you to truly own your football franchise in a brand new way! Although it’s currently in early-alpha testing, the game already has some promising traction, with over 3,000 games played during a four-day tournament and a Founder’s Pass mint that sold out in under 10 minutes.

What is it?

Draftables is an addictive and fun football manager game with a city-building twist to create a unique and engaging gameplay experience. In addition to building a virtual football club in your own image and leading your team to glory, this game allows you to develop the training grounds, stadium, and other supporting facilities that can make your team more competitive.

As a coach, you collect digital athletes (NFT-enabled) – each athlete is unique and exclusive to you – to build an unbeatable team lineup. The game also sets you in football manager mode, making strategic decisions that lead your team to victory. This involves scouting and developing grassroots talent, coaching, and competing against other teams for championships.

During a match, users are responsible for making tactical decisions and coaching their teams. Gameplay is fast-paced and intense, with games lasting no more than a few minutes. This means users are free to set lineups, call plays, substitute players, and even change their play style.

Additionally, you can engage your coaching staff (made up of retired athletes) to put together a playbook that works for each game. This makes the game feel far more real and more dynamic, however, it is a delicate balance that requires in-game experience as well as knowledge of your coaching staff’s abilities and tactics.

That said, if you’re less interested in tactical intricacies, don’t despair as Draftables will assist you with decision-making. Success ultimately hinges on the effort exerted during gameplay.

Ok, you have my attention

If you enjoy American football and world-building games, then Draftables is the mobile game for you.

Draftables invites players to lose themselves in a digital football world where they truly own their own football franchise – a refreshing change, given that no Web2 sports simulation game provides real-world ownership and instant rewards. From the players and the cosmetics that they wear to the training facilities and stadiums, every in-game asset in Draftables is created and owned by its users.

Seeing your franchise evolve and grow into a powerhouse team makes for a great time and is easily one of Draftable’s biggest strengths. The game employs Web3 elements like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing players to build a collection of gamified NFT player cards they can trade or sell for real-world currency.

An integration with Avalanche blockchain enables holders of the Draftables Founder’s PassNFT collection to access exclusive benefits and perks, including high-ranking in-game athletes, limited-edition cosmetic items, mystery boxes, and airdrop points. The value of these NFTs will increase as more users join to play. Other benefits include access to exclusive tournaments, airdrops and unique in-game assets to supercharge your franchise.

In the very near future, Draftables will be integrating an on-chain token, $DRFT, that powers the Draftables ecosystem. $DRFT is used for in-game purchases and access to premium features and exclusive content as well as other economic activities in what is traditionally a free-to-play game. Users can earn $DRFT by playing matches within Draftables.

Draftables is built by a solid team of experienced game developers. CEO Brian Ross was quick to assure players that Draftables will be fully free-to-play. He also added that the company is integrating several IP partnerships into the Draftables universe, in anticipation of listing on centralized exchanges soon.


Could Draftables be the Web3 title to win over mainstream gamers? It has potential, certainly, and the seamless blend of football strategy and world-building mechanics as well as crypto rewards gives it an edge over similar titles.

If you want to test Draftables, earn airdrop points, and have a chance at winning limited-edition cosmetics, make sure to sign up on their website now! For the latest updates, including play to airdrop dates, follow their socials.

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