Early NFT Collection CryptoSkulls Have a Revival After Their Recent Discovery

This month, the CryptoSkulls NFT collection joins the list of early projects endorsed by the 2022 community. Much like other ‘historical’ NFTs, these collectibles are skyrocketing in popularity thanks to NFT influencers’ endorsement.

In fact, some of the biggest names in the industry showed their support for CryptoSkulls. From Gary Vaynerchuk to influencer Matt Medved, more and more enthusiasts are digging the project!

As a result, CryptoSkulls has become the no. 1 trending NFT project on January 11th, surpassing iconic collectibles such as CryptoPunks. Obviously, it’s time to get an insight into this fascinating historical collection!

image of CryptoSkulls NFTs alongside the official logo

CryptoSkulls might be the second 10,000 PFP style NFT collection ever launched through the Ethereum blockchain. Credits: CryptoSkulls

What you should know about CryptoSkulls NFTs

Although CryptoSkulls may seem like a new NFT project, it’s quite the opposite. This collection of 10,000 digital assets launched back in 2019, which makes it one of the earliest 10K PFP (Profile Picture) NFT collections. Although the NFTs were initially built on the Ethereum blockchain, now they live on Polygon too.

In terms of design, CryptoSkulls NFTs feature the same pixelated art style used in other early projects, such as CryptoPunks. In essence, each NFT represents the image of a skull with various traits and backgrounds.

Surprisingly, these collectibles reported a notable increase in their floor price recently. Only four days ago, the cheapest CryptoSkulls NFT was 0.05 ETH. Meanwhile, the floor price has increased to 0.73 ETH at the time of writing, with a total of 5.4K Ethereum in trading volume.

Of course, CryptoSkulls is a valuable project simply because it’s among the earliest NFT collections ever. But why are collectors suddenly paying interest in this “historical” project? Well, it mainly comes down to NFT influencers.

image of two CryptoSkulls NFTs

The CryptoSkulls NFT collection became a top trending project this week with NFT influencers’ support. Credits: Cryptoskulls

NFT influencers (apparently) love the collection

Accordingly, the hype around CryptoSkulls NFTs may have started with Matt Medved, a self-dubbed “NFT-archaeologist” and Twitter influencer. Although Medved had been supporting CryptoSkulls for months, it was only this month that fellow collectors and influencers minted their own skull NFT.

One of them, for instance, is Leonidas.eth, who labeled the collectibles as an “amazing find:”

screenshot of a Cryptoskulls NFT conversation via Twitter

NFT influencer and self-titled archaeologist Medved brought the CryptoSkulls project to the NFT Twitter community’s attention. Credits: Twitter

Of course, it didn’t take long until other prolific collectors joined the hype. The most notable one is undoubtedly Gary Vee, who was thrilled about the finding. Accordingly, the VeeFriends creator is “obsessed with older projects,” as he revealed in a recent tweet.

screenshot of a CryptoSkulls message from Gary Vaynerchuk via Twitter

Gary Vaynerchuk is among the main supporters of CryptoSkulls, as he is passionate about early NFT projects. Credits: Twitter

Obviously, the collector loved the collection and has been tweeting about it all week. This is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons for the sudden increase in the NFTs’ floor price increase on OpenSea.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a promising project with fascinating history, CryptoSkulls is a great option!

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