Earn Huge Bonuses in May Mayhem With Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks players can earn bonus rewards during Gala Games’ May Mayhem event. This month, the blockchain game runs a new event weekly for players who win at least ten matches. The more missions you complete, the higher your reward and bonus tickets are within the game!

image from the Spider Tanks game

Gala Games’ May Mayhem event brings weekly challenges, rewards, and giveaways for Spider Tank players!

Spider Tanks: How Can You Claim Rewards During May Mayhem?

The May Mahem event by Gala Games brings weekly rewards and bonuses for Spider Tanks players. The popular MOBA game will host a new challenge every week with four Tiers as follows:

digital chart of the May Mayhem Spider Tanks challenges and rewards

Players must win between ten and seventy matches to qualify for this month’s Spider Tank rewards.

Simply put, a player must win at least ten matches to qualify for a Tier challenge. The top winners who win at least 70 matches receive rewards from the largest supply of Arachnium, which is the Spider Tanks’ native currency.

In addition, players can also sign up for exciting giveaways offering in-game items such as Common Crab, Craggy Skin, and Common Rallgun.

screenshot from the Spider Tanks game

Spider Tanks is a MOBA eSport game where players must team up to battle each other and earn SILK tokens.

What is Spider Tanks?

In essence, Spider Tanks is an eSport team game that belongs to the Gala Games ecosystem. Players must compete to win matches and complete each other’s Tanks, which come with different traits.

Besides their customizable Tanks, players can also buy accessories that boost their in-game performance. From Weapons to special Abilities such as Shields and Healing, each digital bonus can shape the player’s technique and evolution.

The Spider Tanks matches are short yet intense. Players must use a combination of keyboard keys and mouse clicks to fight and shoot down their enemies. Winners receive Victory Points, which then become SILK tokens to buy and trade in-game items.

Recently, the founding team added more exciting features too, such as custom contracts. What’s more, players can now complete daily and weekly missions to receive rewards constantly. All of these upgrades boost the game’s economy, which centers around the native token, SILK.

Now that May Mayhem has begun, new and experienced players can evolve quicker and more efficiently via Spider Tanks!

Gala Games’ May Mayhem: What Should You Know?

May Mayhem is an annual event when Gala Games celebrate web3 gaming. From challenges to giveaways and upgrades, the company’s top blockchain games bring exciting opportunities for players.

For instance, this year, the main games participating are Town Stars, Champions Arena, Meow Match, Echoes of Empire, and The Walking Dead: Empire, to name a few. Overall, more than ten games are waiting for players to claim prizes and rewards.

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