ENS Introduces Wrapper to Allow Sub Domains of .eth Names

image of ENS logo and wrapper service

The Ethereum Name Service – ENS – has announced a new wrapper service that will allow the creation of subdomains for .eth names. The news has enormous implications for the ENS ecosystem and will open up a wide variety of new ways to interact with .eth names.

Interestingly, this has been in the works for a long time. The official ENS Twitter account first mentioned the ‘new’ wrapper service in October last year. Furthermore, the new updates are coming soon, and many in the NFT space are incredibly excited.

image of ENS logo and wrapper service

ENS is introducing its long-awaited subdomain .eth wrapper service.

ENS wrapper service will open up huge opportunities

The new ENS subdomain service will allow users to mint and customize new subdomains, which become independent NFTs. Companies, platforms, and creators can all benefit from the latest update. It will allow anyone to own and trade a subdomain. Basically, this is an update to the ENS code.

Furthermore, the new service will also eliminate the hassle of creating a custom contract for subdomains, which is how people currently get around the issue. Then, in the future, these will be tradable NFTs that are simple to make and easy to swap with others. 

It won’t be long before the new ENS features are available. Jeff Lau, a key developer at ENS, said that the process will start after DEVCON, an Ethereum developer’s conference that begins this week.

What next for ENS?

ENS is launching several critical features in the coming months, along with the wrapper subdomain service. The NFT name service company continues to gain popularity, and the stats suggest it is growing rapidly.

In September, ENS had over 400 hundred thousand new .eth registrations. Recently, ENS also partnered with Coinbase to create cb.id usernames.

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