0xHunter Drop

October 29, 2021

Company: 0xHunter

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0xHunter is a derived NFT series of the 0xVampire project. It is a sequel to the vampire counterpart of the 0xVerse.

There are only 8,888 hunters living on the Ethereum blockchain, which are created from over 200 hand-drawn traits.

The Story
The 0xVirus continues to spread rampantly. Its contagion is unparalleled to what residents of the Metaverse have ever thought of. 0xVampires can no longer resist their lust for blood. Chaos ensues and darkness shrouds the beloved peace that civilians once enjoyed.

To restore order to the Metaverse, a mysterious force shows up.

They are warriors known as the 0xHunters. They come from different backgrounds, but all are fighting for one common goal, to eradicate the 0xVampires and their shackles on the Metaverse.

Added October 25, 2021